GOP sabotage hobbles Obamacare’s reforms

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GOP sabotage hobbles Obamacare’s reforms

The GOP’s  johnny-one-note regarding the Affordable Care Act — that it’s imploding from its own inherent weaknesses — is self-serving and duplicitous.

It makes their idea of repeal and not replace, of having no health insurance system that covers everyone, just that much easier.

Advocates for Obamacare are not effectively countering this deceptive GOP narrative. They talk about how much the program has helped the health care disenfranchised. The program has helped this population immensely, but more importantly, it’s done so with Republican hands wrapped tightly around the ACA’s neck, squeezing the entire time. A fact glaringly left out of the conversation.

The Republican plan to cast aside the ACA started on day one of legislation. And they worked it for six years, against all evidence to the contrary and against the growing majority of people who support the changes and benefit from them. The GOP does not support Medicaid expansion for the working poor, navigators to help people understand the bill and their options or legislative improvements. Instead, they trot out this nutty tautology that says it doesn’t work because it doesn’t work.

Despite the  sabotage, Obamacare isn’t imploding. The GOP tries to murder it, but it isn’t imploding. Insurance companies are dropping coverage because they see the GOP tax-cut writing on the wall; they understand that this Republican Congress has no intention of making health insurance accessible. The GOP believes health care is for those with means — the poor, well, it’s been swell. If the Republican Party were to start working for the entire country, rich and poor, toward an affordable health insurance bill, insurance companies would return in droves.

Obamacare successfully covered those previously unable  to afford health insurance while keeping the brakes on medical cost and insurance premium increases. If your premium is going up, blame the GOP for handcuffing the program and the industry. Companies would rather provide affordable coverage, but not while fighting constant GOP sabotage.

We must challenge this GOP whenever they take this flawed argument out for a spin — which is all the time.

Deborah A. Baro