GOP figures standing up to Trump

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During the past week, we have not experienced many tweets from President Donald Trump. Most would say that with the acquisition of retired Marine General John Kelly, Donald Trump and the White House are under new management. There may be more there than meets the eye.

In several of my past columns, I have all but begged the Congress to act on behalf of the American people. I directed my focus to the majority Republicans and lo, one by one, they are beginning to speak up, speak out and speak against the actions and behaviors of President Donald J. Trump.

I do not claim responsibility for the change that has taken place in a few Republicans, but I kept my faith in our democracy, our Constitution, our structure of government as intended by the founding fathers and the good that is interred in most of the American people.

Here is the recipe that will keep America great.

Let’s start with the actions of Sen. John McCain on the floor of the Senate as he shows his intent to vote no and then actually executed the vote. Please don’t dwell on his motive, but I am sure it can be found in the last three sentences in the paragraph above. Kudos to Senator McCain. He is indeed a patriot, a hero, a citizen who loves his country and the good is very much a part of his life.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is experiencing a metamorphosis and he has stopped making excuses and giving passes to Trump. Graham seems to be interested in keeping our system of government with the separation of powers as part of our democracy.

Strikingly, Sen. Jeff Flake published a book entitled “Conscience of a Conservative” in which he asserts that traditional conservatism and conservative principles have lost their way. He seems to think that current conservatism is much too partisan and promotes division in our nation. More strikingly, he did not blame Obama, Hillary Clinton or the Democrats. He admitted that the Republican Party had created this scenario and I will add that Trump took it and ran amok. I would also hope that this book would serve as a harbinger of our return to our democratic principles and promote stand-up leadership within both parties.

The best example of our democracy being embraced is the action of ultraconservative Republican Thom Tillis, who is attempting to push back at Trump in keeping Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the job. His teaming with Democratic Sen. Christopher Coons to put legislation in place so that Mueller can appeal to a three-judge panel for reinstatement if he is dismissed is most unusual. Nonetheless, it is a big signal that Republicans are coming to their senses and trying to avoid a deeper crisis in which they would be blamed as perpetrators.

I believe there are many other Republicans who sense the sinking ship of Donald J. Trump are going to jump to political safety before submergence. The fool notion that we should let that “Russian thing” alone and get with the Trump agenda is unimaginable.

Please note: The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, told the police in New York to ruff up people being taken into custody and to likely bump their heads when placing them in the police car. Who would ask Americans to embrace such vanity?

George Leach is a Wilson resident and former teacher with a keen interest in local, state and national politics.