Good Samaritan returns family’s beloved cat

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On the Fourth of July, fireworks were exploding all around our neighborhood.

The noise frightened our cat Rowdy, and when the door was opened, our scared cat ran into the dark of night.

In the hours that followed, we looked in all the neighboring yards, behind all the bushes and called out his name, but to our loss, no Rowdy. In the days and weeks that followed, we reached out to nearby neighbors, going door to door. Posters were put on everyone’s door, distributed to Wilson police officers and to any Wilson County sheriff’s officers we met. A poster was put in the Animal Shelter lobby and multiple visits were made in hopes that he was in the shelter.

As time went on, we lost all hopes in finding him. Then one day, without any knock at the door, our doorbell rang. Rowdy was dropped on our screened porch by an unknown person. The Good Samaritan who found him and brought him back to us did not ask for the reward money. Just the goodness of his or her heart carried our beloved cat back to us.

They say often in bad times comes good. In our search for Rowdy, we found we lived around wonderful neighbors in the Brentwood area. So, as we look forward to the changing seasons, we want to express our deepest and sincerest thanks to whoever returned Rowdy to us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The $200 reward money left unclaimed will go to helping the rescued animals in Houston from Hurricane Harvey’s flood.

Eileen Partridge