Good government must start on the local level

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A city is where a group of people decide to live in close proximity to one another. Due to this, they had to come up with rules for all to be able to live healthfully and safely.

It was decided that some should be put in control to make rules that all could abide by, these were called councilmen and would represent districts in the city. They were to make sure their district was represented but also to make sure rules and benefits were equal and and fair for the whole city. Then it was decided that someone should be in control of this group, so a mayor was developed to override anything that was not fair for all and he was elected by the whole city, not just one district.

This group of people were supposed to look after the city’s business — the infrastructure, water, sewer, lights and roads. They were also to make rules on cost of services, safety, health and overall looks of the city to make sure it was a place people wanted to live, so a tax was levied to pay for this and they were to budget the money fairly for all citizens.

The citizens’ responsibility was to keep their area clean and safe and to monitor city government, making sure they were doing what they were elected to do.

Over time, the citizens became lazy and stopped monitoring the people they elected and put trust in them, allowing them to do whatever they wanted. With blind trust, they started slipping in rules to give them more power over the city so they could look after their pet projects and friends. In order to stay in power, they started promising citizens anything they wanted knowing they had no intention of fulfilling the promise.

Once elected, they seem to look at what can benefit them, not their district or the city. They misuse the money meant for infrastructure for their pet projects that will help them stay in power like incentives to businesses, nonprofits or studies on how to do their job.

If they concentrate o n the city’s infrastructure as well as the things that keep the city safe and healthy, people and business will want to come to Wilson.We must all work together to make Wilson a great place to live, but we also need to make sure we have the right people running our city.

Getting our country back means starting with our own city and getting it right. Only then can we work on state and federal problems.

Jake Eichman