Give gifts in spirit of love to honor Jesus’ birth

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With all the commercialization of Christmas, many of us forget what the true purpose is for Christmastime.

Christmastime is designed as a celebration for the greatest event since the creation of the earth.

On Christmas Day 2,018 years ago, God brought his son to the world in human form so that he could die for us so that our sins would be forgiven, if we so requested.

Many of us have forgotten the purpose of Christmas in our rush to buy presents for our family and friends. Should presents be a part of Christmas? Yes. Presents should be given in the same spirit as the gifts the three wise men gave to Christ upon his birth.

Many of us are more concerned about the number and size of the gifts given than the spirit in which they should be given. Gifts that are given should be as a symbol of our love and caring for those who receive the gift, as the wise men’s gifts to Christ was at his birth. Gifts should be given not to fill the wants of the receiver, but to show our love for the receiver.

In all things we do, we should remember God and his son, Jesus Christ, but at Christmastime we should be more attentive to the reasons for Christmas. We should be celebrating Christ’s birth and giving in the way the wise men gave to Christ!

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount