Fun week, serious effort for students to stay drug-free

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Students wore pajamas to school this week, crazy clothes and lots of red.

It was all part of Red Ribbon Week, emphasizing a drug-free lifestyle.

“Red Ribbon Week means to me a time to celebrate being above the influence of drugs and alcohol and showing kids that those types of behaviors aren’t going to make you successful in life,” said Zachary Temple, Jones Elementary School assistant principal. “It’s about positivity and being healthy and happy.”

For students at Jones Elementary, Monday was cap or hat day for putting a cap on drugs.

Students at Lucama Elementary School wore their favorite team clothes on Tuesday to “team up against drugs.” They wore pajamas to “wake up drug free” on Wednesday.

At Vick, it was wacky Wednesday, and students were encouraged to wear mismatched clothes.

During the week, students at various schools dressed in clothes to reflect their future careers and wore red for Red Ribbon Week or orange to unite against bullying.

The National Red Ribbon campaign started in the 1980s with parents who wanted to play a leadership role in drug prevention. This year’s theme is “Your Future is Key, so Stay Drug Free.”

“It is also good to instill in children at this early age the prevention of drug use, so we want to make sure we have a positive intervention so the children can understand the effects of drugs later on in life, said Leon Johnson, a guidance counselor at Vick Elementary School.