Frivolous lawsuits bring America to a standstill

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Each decision, executive order and action by Trump and his administration have been challenged by lawsuits. Even his election has been challenged by lawyers.

Immigration laws ignored and lawsuits against law enforcement are being used to protect these criminals. Yes, illegals are all criminals, as they have broken our laws! Some states attorneys general sue the administration to protect criminals?

Serial killers, rapists, murderers, drug cartels and criminals of all kinds use lawsuits to challenge their punishment. Appeals go on for decades, paid for by law-abiding citizens, enriching thousands of lawyers. Seldom, if ever, are these criminals are held accountable by a timely death penalty. Yet, the taxpayer — you and I — pay for endless lawsuits and appeals while these criminals live in country club prisons.

Reparations are now in the sights of lawsuits that will go on for years. What’s next — will the South sue for the destruction of property due to General Sherman’s march?

Is it any wonder that politicians are loyal to their highest-paying PAC — the lawyers?

Yes, there are real needs for lawyers, but does everything need lawsuits? Will the perpetrators ever be accountable?

Drug companies being sued for their pain-reducing drugs being misused? Gun manufacturers being sued for the guns being misused? Fast-food companies being sued for coffee that’s too hot? But they have broken no laws!

When can I sue Congress for its reckless spending of my money? This is not about liberals or conservatives. This is about abiding our laws, respecting our law enforcement and stopping frivolous lawsuits that waste taxpayer dollars.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City