Fox outfoxes tabloid news networks

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Re: “Chaos, hypocrisy and fake news” by George Leach, Wednesday:

As he is a new conservative media-watcher, I applaud Mr. George Leach for getting real news about tax cuts, record-low unemployment for all races, the freeing of American hostages, exposure of corruption in the FBI, Department of Justice and Congress, stopping North Korea’s nuclear program and stopping unfair trade from other countries.

These accomplishments by our president have not and will not ever be seen on the tabloid networks. It is so sad that liberals are so blind with hate for our president that they refuse to see just some of the good he is doing.

It is also so sad that the tabloids refuse to insist that our laws are enforced. They also refuse to acknowledge the exposed crimes of leaks of classified documents, illegal sanctuaries for criminals, congressional sexual harassment, misuse of our tax dollars, perjury, unlawful sale of uranium, destroying evidence, FBI ignoring information to stop mass killings starting before the Boston Marathon, a trend that continues today, the false Trump dossier and on and on!

Mr Leach, it was reported by a liberal university that liberal mainstream media news of our president is negative 91 percent of the time. But our president’s ratings are higher than those of the previous president — now, doesn’t that seem strange? Americans love what he is doing, but not the tabloids.

As for all the people you mentioned in your column, yes, they are innocent until proven guilty! But you, sir, did not give that same consideration to our president. Why is that?

I believe everyone should obey all laws, no matter if they’re liberal or conservative and regardless of race or creed or sex.

Why do you hate that President Trump is restoring jobs, reducing our taxes and making American families safer? Is that a not good thing?

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City