For the Love of Dogs meets vital need in Wilson

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As a pet parent I am grateful to have one of the best vets in the country — Dr. Shannon Foy — but I am also able to pay for her veterinarian services.

What about the multitude of people who live in Wilson and Wilson County who are financially challenged and are unable to afford the expensive drugs and procedures that their pets may require to remain healthy?

Wilson is fortunate enough to have For the Love of Dogs to provide these services for their pets that might otherwise go untreated. Although FLOD is a 501(c)(3) charity, Max and Della Fitz-Gerald fund 90 percent of the operating costs through their own retirement funds, which is largely due to the fact that their donor base is very limited — maybe less than 10 percent of their operating costs.

Additionally, they provide a sanctuary for all the unwanted, injured and elderly dogs that are generally euthanized. Last but not least, FLOD is on the front lines of the spay/neuter program in that Max and Della pick up the majority of the cost of those procedures. They truly believe in the motto “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

FLOD gives voice to the voiceless, so let’s help them in any way we can and maybe someday, Wilson will not have to spend thousands of dollars a year to euthanize animals. I have known this couple for a year now and I marvel at their dedication, stamina and goodwill.

What would Wilson do without For the Love of Dogs?

Brenda H. Shamloo