Fontenot more visible in community than Farmer-Butterfield

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As I am familiarizing myself with this local N.C. House race, several issues have come to my attention that fascinate me.

One, according to her peers, it appears Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield enjoys a longstanding reputation for not attending sessions and votes concerning our community. Collecting a paycheck but professionally AWOL.

Two, Ms. Farmer-Butterfield seems to be an absentee neighbor. Many people cannot recall seeing her in town or at local businesses shopping or dining. In 25 years I have not seen her once other than on the freeway heading to Raleigh, while my friends and I keep seeing and bumping into Mr. Fontenot consistently about town conducting business, dining, visiting and being involved in community, church and fund raising for African-American youth. The contrast is stark.

Finally,people have told me that when Ms. Farmer-Butterfied does participate in governing, usually her votes are more along party lines than in accordance with what is actually good for Wilson — in other words, prioritizing political identity at the expense of actual, verifiable representation of her constituents.

This race seems less a matter of voting for someone because of political philosophy and more importantly, choosing someone who actually functions as a legitimate, committed participant and representative of our community.

Mr. Fontenot seems to have the lock on dedication, integrity and sincere concern for our city, and his personal resume speaks volumes.

Mark Levin