Fontenot critic off the mark on immigration, welfare

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Re: “Fontenot no competition for courageous Farmer-Butterfield,” by Phil Valera, July 27:

Mr. Valera, I don’t know much about Mr. Fontenot beliefs or policies, so I won’t attempt to explain them. I believe he is correct when he says the poor need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Do you recommend they just stay poor and live off the taxpayers?

And what if he did use the GI bill to help with his college tuition? He would have earned it by serving in the military. Did you serve? If you or anyone else serves, they earn the same right to the GI Bill, so what’s your argument?

You say he decries immigrants as lawbreakers while ignoring the fact that the government turns away refugees seeking asylum. Can you name a specific case? Probably not. You just spout something you heard on TV. The fact is the asylum-seekers must be vetted thoroughly before they can enter this country. Are you old enough to remember Ellis Island in New York? An immigrant didn’t set foot on American soil until he or she was thoroughly vetted both medically and politically. Instead, today we have “snowflake” lawyers on the border instructing illegals on how to get into the country. Isn’t that sweet?

Next, you go through a litany of his laments on infant mortality, economic or medical assistance to young mothers and Republican refusal to expand Medicare causing needless suffering and death. Time for your first economics lesson. You have a big pot of money to take care of the poor. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of “bottom-feeders” who could be working but would rather live off others. So they drain a good portion of the pot. Now, you want the taxpayers to refill the pot, but you refuse to do anything about the bottom-feeders. Now, if Ms. Farmer-Butterfield has served so ably and courageously, why do we still have so many bottom-feeders?

It’s time to get rid of all these old politicians who have made a living off the taxpayers and done nothing in return. Let’s have term and age limits in government. Also, while the Democrats are busing voters to the polls, pick up the poor and get them a voter ID.

Art Tozzi