Fontenot a leader with integrity who’s focused on the issues

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Re: “Farmer-Butterfield’s record shines despite Fontenot’s mudslinging,” by Mildred Summerville, Saturday:

This is Francesca Fontenot. I have been happily married to Kenneth just shy of 12 years. We have been blessed with three lovely children and we are a very happy family.

I wanted to respond to your letter because you have formed some very strong opinions about my husband and they are not based on truth. Furthermore, you are tearing down a very honorable man and hoping others will do the same. This is very unfortunate. Truth be told, if it were not for this political race I am certain that you and any of Ms. Farmer-Butterfield’s supporters, for that matter, would find my husband to be a very pleasant, intelligent and capable person. But that is the problem with politics anyway. It sets people against each other who don’t even really know each other.

Please allow me to tell you more about my husband so you can understand what type of man he really is.

First of all, he loves learning. From the time that I met him 13 years ago, he has always had at least one book but usually several books in his hand. He has read thousands of books throughout our marriage. He has completed two bachelor’s degrees and three master’s degrees, as well as doctoral studies.

Second, he is a very humble man. During our marriage, we have had issues just like any other couple. He has always been willing to admit when he was wrong. He has never been too proud to apologize for a mistake. Whenever he has seen an area needing improvement, he has always taken measures to make appropriate changes.

Third, he is extremely hardworking. Ever since I had our first child almost eight years ago, he has done everything he could to make sure we are well taken care of. He has allowed me the privilege of being at home to raise our children. This was very important to us.

As you know, he currently is the pastor of a church, as well as a full-time teacher. You have no idea how many hours he puts in every week to study and prepare for his sermons, pray for and counsel his members. Since your background is education, I am sure you do know how much work teaching takes.

Fourth, he is a wonderful role model. These three precious children of his absolutely adore their daddy. They respect him. The boys want to be just like him. The kids at church love to be around him. His students at school love his dynamic style of running a classroom.

Last, and most importantly, Ken Fontenot loves the Lord. He desires to live a life that is pleasing to Him. He stands for truth. His main goal in life is to use his God-given abilities to make a positive impact on this world for the glory of God.

To set to record straight, my husband did not “resort to fictitious tactics to undermine” Ms. Farmer-Butterfield. He had no idea about her residence. He did not initially bring those issues to the public light. Apparently that information is public and someone felt that it was important enough to report it to The Wilson Times in the last few weeks. He does agree that Wilson voters have a right to know about it however. Is there something wrong with pointing out the truth?

He has spent almost this entire year presenting his platform to the people of Wilson County through newspaper articles, videos, public speeches, meetings, phone calls and social media. Many people have supported him and feel that it is time for a new voice in Raleigh.

Ms. Summerville, I hope I have helped you understand that Ken Fontenot is a wonderful husband, father, preacher and teacher. He is a leader full of integrity. He loves Wilson County and would love the opportunity to serve as the representative for N.C. House District 24.

Francesca Fontenot