Following the rules when using coupons

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Something very exciting happened this month in the Wilson coupon world, Harris Teeter super doubles!

Yes, I was one of those people who showed up at 5:30 a.m. to get the best deals. Super doubles is a great way to rack up on the savings and really stock your freezer. This event was three days long, and I am not ashamed to say I went all three days. During my time at Harris Teeter throughout this event, I started to notice a pattern on some issues that I feel need to be addressed.

I know that everyone gets excited when there are coupon events in town. Everyone is rushing to the store to get that great deal, but we need to take a minute and review each store’s policies first.

There were a few times that while I was checking out that other cashiers were trying to explain the 20-coupon per day rule. Remember, Harris Teeter will only double 20 coupons per day, per VIC card, per household. This means that I can go to Harris Teeter on Wednesday using my VIC card, and 20 of my coupons will double. However, I cannot go back the same day and use my husband’s VIC card because we live at the same address where the VIC cards are registered. This is their way of preventing the self-clearing that would be done without a limit.

Some coupons are going to specify “do not double.” This means exactly what it says, so if the cashier does not double the coupon, don’t get upset. He is simply doing his job.

When I was in college, I actually worked at Harris Teeter. Coupon events such as these were the most stressful time as a cashier. I understand we are all there to get a good deal, but these employees are there to do their job. Harris Teeter has a coupon policy, and it is their employees’ job to enforce that policy. The best thing you can do as a couponer is to be familiar with the coupon policy to avoid any trouble at checkout. If there is an issue and you feel that you are within your couponing rights, simply go to the customer service desk and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Understanding store coupon policies is the best way to take full advantage of using coupons to maximize your savings. Every store has coupon policies. You can find each store’s individual policy on the store website. If there is ever a question, refer back to the policy.

Coupons are an amazing tool given to us to help save money for our household. The last thing we want to do is to abuse the system and coupons be taken away from us altogether. I know for my family, we saved around $150 on groceries the week of super doubles, just by using coupons out of The Wilson Times.

Please, everyone just review your store’s policy before you go to do your shopping, and it will make for a smoother trip for everyone. Happy savings.

Chelsey Edens writes a monthly couponing column for The Wilson Times.