Find out who bought and sold property in Wilson County last week

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The following deed transfers for the week of July 17-21, 2017 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

• From Clarkie Anne Barnes Lamm and Fred Marshall Lamm to Melody Lamm Minadeo and Louis Albert Minadeo, two rural homesites on Quaker Road, 12.17-acre tract and 4.473-acre tract, no stamp;

• From Mary Beth Frasure and David W. Frasure to James Martin Lyndon Jr. and Caroline Brooke Lyndon, 3005 Canal Drive NW, $165,000;

• From John H. Boyette Jr. and Candy S. Boyette to Barrett Hildebrand and Matthew Hildebrand, 6312 St. Rose Church Road, Lucama, $457,500;

• From Susan W. Forbes, trustee, Nancy L. Worley irrevocable trust dated Nov. 28, 2016, to BBCI Rentals, LLC, 2817 Canal Drive NW, $134,000;

• From Lenore Hanes, trustee, the Chamberlain income-only trust dated Aug. 28, 2013, to Carla M. Williams, 2814 Lancaster Road NW, $90,000;

• From Jonathan Dale Breedlove to Artemio Mora Escalante and Gabriela Garibay, 903 Anthony St. W., $10,000;

• From Moses James Pittman and Susan B. Pittman to Arnold C. Davis Jr. and Julia Davis, 405 W. Wilson St., $25,000;

• From Rhonda Dale Arizpe and Jose Arizpe to Jose Luiz Arizpe, 5512 N.C. 42 E., Elm City, no stamp;

• From James Michael Hocutt to Joey M. Hocutt, 1.18-acre rural homesite on Church Loop, Sims, no stamp;

• From Joey M. Hocutt to Cedar Run Capital, LLC, 1.18-acre rural homesite on Church Loop, Sims, $65,000;

•From Samuel D. Cohen, Elisabeth H. Farnsworth and Elisabeth H.F. Cohen to Grant D. Gore and Carolyn V. Gore, 1705 Kildeer Lane N., $287,500;

• From Selby Eugene Bass Jr. to Antonio J. Coleman, quitclaim deed for 5718 Alton Road N., $6,500;

• From Christopher D. Harris and Kimberly D. Harris, co-executors, Albert Dallas Harris estate to Craig M. Johnson, 1601 Chelsea Drive NW, $115,000;

• From Sanoca Rural Fire District, Inc., to the town of Saratoga, four parcels on Main Street, $55,000;

• From Thomas E. Ferrell and Mryl B. Ferrell to Freddie Fraticelli and Qing Fraticelli, 5129 Weaver Road, $257,000;

• From Mary Mitchell and Mary Annette Holmes to Johnnie Mitchell and Mary Mitchell, 1704 Bynwood Drive SE, section 1, no stamp;

• From Jeffery Walter Lewis and Vickie Carr Lewis to Ashley Lewis Pinno, trustee, Jeffery and Vickie Lewis irrevocable trust dated July 18, 2017, 8 acres, no stamp;

• From Ollen Harvey Page and Harriett Moore Page to Cathy P. Daniel and Lee R. Daniel Jr., 504 Lafayette Drive NW, no stamp;

From Patrick S. Letchworth to Johanna Montanez, 113 Forest Hills Road NW, Unit E-2, $126,000;

• From George O. Richardson, Cecil G. Richardson and Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact, and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to the Bank of New York Mellon, the Bank of New York, JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association Trust and C-Bass Mortgage Loan asset-backed certificates, series 2003-RP1, corrective foreclosure deed for 315 Park Ave. W., no stamp;

• From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., to D.R. Horton, Inc., 20 parcels in Jetstream Park on Jetstream Drive, Starship Lane, Sabre Lane, $488,000;

• From James Dalton Fulghum and Melba Batts-Fulghum to Charles W. Barth and Kimberly Barth, 4506 St. Andrews Drive N., $39,000;

• From Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Mark Wilson, 2.33 acres at 5230 N. Church Loop Road, $98,500;

• From Gregory Lee Hauser and Christie Kirby Hauser to James Everette Wilson II, 1129 Branch St. NW, $161,000;

• From Margaret Williams Lamm and William T. Lamm III to William C. Adams and Staci Adams, 4805 Glen Eagles Lane N., $48,000;

• From Walter H. Bynum and Susan Bynum to Walter H. Bynum and Susan Bynum, 204 Tyson Drive, no stamp;

• From Ruth Brodhage and Klaus Brodhage to Dominik Brodhage and Liatsha McNeil Brodhage, 3911 Country Club Drive NW, no stamp;

• From Joseph M. Godwin and Cynthia G. Godwin to Statewide Sheet Metal & Roofing, Inc., 1002 S. Pender St., no stamp;

• From Statewide Sheet Metal & Roofing, Inc., to Jose Santos Flores Berrios and Tomasa DelCarmen Flores, 1002 S. Pender St., $200,000;

• From Norman Williard Joyner, Hazel M. Joyner, Joyce Marie J. Taylor and Robert Mitchell Joyner to Thomas M. Irrera Jr. and Mary E. Irrera, 6114 Lamm Road, $100,000;

• From Tammy Bagley Davis and Wilbert L. Davis to George Boyd and Lynn Boyd, 102 E. Commercial Ave., Stantonsburg, $2,500;

• From Leon Bullock to Thomas Earl Davis Jr. and Della S. Davis, 8205 Byrd Road, $26,000;

• From Roy Anderson Davis Jr. and Kenneth Allen Davis to Hattie Ward Grant, rural homesite on St. Mary’s Church Road, $5,000;

• From Burton D. Smith and Martha Williamson Smith to Burton D. Smith, trustee, Burton D. Smith revocable trust, and Martha Williamson Smith, trustee, Martha Williamson Smith revocable trust, 21.32-acre rural homesite on N.C. 42 West, no stamp;

• From Burton D. Smith and Martha Williamson Smith to Burton D. Smith, trustee, Burton D. Smith revocable trust, 201.94-acre rural homesite on U.S. 117 Alternate, no stamp;

• From Martha Williamson Smith and Burton D. Smith to Martha Williamson Smith, trustee, Martha Williamson Smith revocable trust, 62.7-acre tract at 5269 Creech Road and 122.36-acre tract on Penwright Road, Black Creek, no stamp;

• From Robert E. Monroe, administrator, Roy M. Williamson estate, to Lloyd Holman and Brenda Holman, 1607 S. Goldsboro St. and 1611 S. Goldsboro St., $2000;

• From Selby Eugene Bass III and Ashley Brooke Bass to Selby Bass Jr., 0.84-acre rural homesite on Alton Road, Black Creek, no stamp;

• From Thomas J. Beneck, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact, Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, and Helene R. Beneck to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, foreclosure deed for 2410 Winding Creek Drive, $56,000;

• From Tony B. Shearin and Shirley A. Shearin to Samuel Lynn Craft and Terry Holloman Craft, 4406 Brookfield Drive W., $171,000;

• From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., and K.M. Minemier & Associates, LLC, to Atlantic Coast Homes, LLC, 506 Poe St. SW, no stamp;

• From Harvey Eugene Hall Jr. and Lisa W. Hall to George R. Skinner and Angela G. Tsiliggires, 4907 Lake Wilson Road, $67,000;

• From Kenneth Wade Dildy and Tommie Johnson Dildy to Kenneth Wade Dildy and Tommie Johnson Dildy, trustees, Kenneth Wade Dildy and Tommie Johnson Dildy revocable trust dated July 19, 2017, 4502 Hatcher Lane N. and 5022 Redmon Road, no stamp;

• From Jackson A. Neal Jr. and Christina D. Neal to Kimberly Harris, 1819 Lynn Drive W., $165,000;

• From Islamic Association of Wilson to Islamic Center of Wilson, Inc., 416 S. Goldsboro St., no stamp;

• From Lewis Speight III, Vennetta Speight and Melinda Renee Speight to Wayne Edmondson, 5744 U.S. 264 Alternate E., $18,000;

• From Arthur Ray Jackson and Rhonda W. Jackson to Margaret Lee Horton and Pearlie May Yawn, 701 Anson St. SE, $105,000;

• From Martha Fahl Beland to James L. Boggs, 2503 St. Christopher Circle, Unit 2, $57,000;

• From Mary Lee Hendricks Farmer to Mary Jo Farmer and Paul Braxton Farmer, 4805 Haynes Road, Elm City, no stamp;

•From Dustin William Wilkinson to Amy L. Burchett, 2808 Mallory Drive NW, $155,000;

• From Eric W.F. Anderson, administrator, Lori Michelle Anderson and the Walter W. Anderson estate to Terri C. Barnes, 110 Cozart Road NW, $107,500;

• From Sherri Whitt Craft to Jose Marquez Nolberto, 309 Branch St., $87,500;

• From Joseph C. Moore Jr. and Jeanne S. Moore to Andrei Stratenau, The Pointe, lot 5, $157,000;

• From Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association and Hutchens Law Firm, attorney in fact, to Kevin L. McCullers and Cathy F. McCullers, 2610 Winding Ridge Drive W., no stamp;

• From Alvin P. Phillips and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee, to Vernon Linton and Patricia Linton, trustee deed for 3406 Jayne Lane, Unit 1, $49,000;

• From Katherine Pridgen Bestwick and Karl Bestwick to Austin Andrew Orbik, 7657-A High Road, Sims, $73,000;

• From Wilson County to Margaret Glenn and Lauranita Glenn, correction deed for 406 Barnes St. S., no stamp.