Farmer-Butterfield’s background inspires; her voting record disappoints

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Monday’s letter, “Fontenot should campaign on the issues instead of denigrating Farmer-Butterfield’s character,” seemed more apropos of an obituary than a defense of Representative Farmer-Butterfield. The signers extolled her humble origins, her educational background, the fact that she has worked all her life. All of these points are of general interest, but what bearing on the issues do they have?

The second part of the letter begins with a demand that Mr. Fontenot say where he stands on national issues, President Trump, the debt and federal tax cuts. The signers of the letter must be aware that Ms. Farmer-Butterfield and Mr Fontenot are vying for a state-level seat and, as such, will not have any direct say in federal legislation. If not, perhaps G.K Butterfield could give them a primer on the differences between the two. But then, G.K. signed that letter, so he may not be the best source for disambiguating them.

In his Oct. 11 letter to The Wilson Times, Mr. Fontenot brought up several issues including the Farm Act, churches and their right to self-defense and Farmer-Butterfield’s pro-abortion stance as examples of her claim to represent her constituents yet vote against their beliefs or best interests. At no point is Ms Farmer-Butterfield’s residency mentioned. That was brought up by the N.C. Republican Party, which has endorsed Mr. Fontenot.

The signers decry the negative tenor of the campaign where Mr Fontenot has merely brought issues to light. The signers want to deflect attention away from Ms Farmer-Butterfield’s record and make the campaign into a sentimental and cloying sobfest. Facts themselves do not denigrate or defame; both are terms that imply some level of calumny.

It is clear that Mr Fontenot has stuck to the facts. As Sergeant Friday from Dragnet used to say, “Just the facts.” And may the best candidate win.

Tom Haitema