Farmer-Butterfield, Wilson pastors should weigh in on abortion

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This letter is a response to several comments from Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield’s column on Feb. 11 and to her advertisement she had in the Feb. 12 paper.

You claim that you “fought” to keep Bridgestone Firestone in Wilson. What exactly did you do? No one I talk to from Firestone can recall anything you “fought” for, nor do I recall anything in The Wilson Times outlining what you did to make a difference in its decision-making process. If you could, please elaborate for the us voters so we can make an informed, honest decision as to who we should vote for.

You continue to claim that expansion of Medicaid would bring prosperity in the way of jobs and government spending of $4.7 billion. You claim that Medicaid would help lower the cost for everyone in N.C. because Medicaid would pay for the uncompensated ER care. May I remind you that both uncompensated medical care in the ER and Medicaid payments for the same services are all paid by the working, taxpaying citizens who will either pay for the total by either paying higher personal insurance premiums or higher taxes to pay for Medicaid? Either way, the taxpayers pay for your wonderful Medicaid expansion or no Medicaid expansion. The added health care jobs should be market- and demand-driven, not government-dictated by wasteful, poorly managed programs.

Now for your biggest and worst claim: You stated that the American Journal of Public Health found that expanded Medicaid dropped the infant mortality rate. Abortions in this country kill a whole lot more babies than those who die from infant mortalities. Yet you continue to support government-funded abortion, even when it targets more of the minority population.

I attended your Feb. 7 town hall meeting at the Darden Alumni Center. It was very obvious you had invited all those pastors and ministers from the African American churches for a specific purpose. I listened to your plea to them to take their designated packets back to their congregations and to “help” all their church members fill out their voting registrations and how to fill out their ballots. These pastors were also strongly urged to go out into the community and even to the rest homes to help sign up voters.

What I didn’t hear that day when you and your party members talked about expanding health care was how the Democrats support abortion in front of all of these pastors. And what was a disheartening thing to me was that not one of these pastors questioned the Democrats’ support of abortion and the killing of unborn babies. Don’t these pastors have to get up in front of their congregations on Sundays and talk about one of God’s directives: Thou shalt not kill?

I wondered how these pastors could sit there and not bring up the issue of abortion. When they get to the gates of Heaven, how will they answer God’s question about what they did to stop killing the unborn babies? Would any of these pastors care to comment to the Wilson citizens on the abortion issue in a letter to The Wilson Times?

Jean Farmer-Butterfield, you claim to be a community leader with moral values. How do you justify killing unborn babies? The voters will await your comments.

Gene Nemechek