Farmer-Butterfield saved jobs, helped Wilson County families

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Jean Farmer-Butterfield is an outstanding representative for the people of Wilson. She loves this county and she loves the people she represents.

If you want an example of the work she has done in the Wilson community, look to the fact that

• 1.) There is now an outpatient facility at Wilson Medical Center that keeps people with mental health issues and their families from traveling to other counties for treatment.

• 2.) The Bridgestone Firestone plant was kept from leaving Wilson not once but twice by receiving incentives from the state legislative budget.

• 3.) The Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf was kept from closing three times, which protected jobs and students’ educations.

• 4.) She helped resolve sewage and water problems in Elm City by helping secure more than $600,000 in funding for repairs. The representative has also successfully advocated to get high-speed internet services in place through the city of Wilson and has helped lower utility bills for families across the board.

With this being said, one can only imagine the number of jobs that were secured, the amount of children’s educations that were not interrupted and families’ livelihoods that were saved by these accomplishments. It is evident that Representative Farmer-Butterfield is running and will continue to run a clean and straightforward campaign which not only reflects her morals, character and values, but most importantly her integrity.

It is refreshing to have an elected official who will put the needs of the people in her district above politics, regardless of what party they align with. This is something that needs to be considered when voting, whether you are voting early or on Nov. 6. Promises can be made by everyone; actions can only be carried out by few.

Lee Rodio

Co-campaign manager
Patricia Uzzell

Co-campaign manager
Alexis Foster

Deputy campaign manager
Delphine Perry

Deputy campaign manager
Geraldine “Gerri” Dew

Co-office manager/coordinator
Charletta Jenkins

Co-office manager/coordinator

The writers comprise the Committee to Re-Elect Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield’s executive team.