Far left pickets discount stores, files wacky environmental lawsuit

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Occasionally, I mention political philosophies in my letters and I’m sure many of you have formed the opinion that I am not a fanatic for the socialist theory of government for the simple reason that the majority of voters will demand that politicians empty the state and federal treasuries and borrow the country into oblivion.

I believe in our government borrowing money so long as the debt is repaid in a reasonable time period. I believe our military should be maintained at peak performance. I consider myself some type of conservative, but not so conservative that it blots out my desire for progress and above all, education.

I strongly believe in assisting the indigent and suffering, but I do expect them to strive to help themselves. By no means do I despise the Democratic Party; I am remorseful that it has allowed the ultra-liberals and socialist climbers to hijack the party.

Speaking of liberals and socialists, I watched “NBC Nightly News” Sunday night and a story was presented that exemplifies the sign of the socialist times. A video was shown presenting a group of loudmouth protesters with their appropriate posters demonstrating against the construction of a new Family Dollar across the street. It seems that the food police are quite upset that patrons are preferring to shop at these small discount stores instead of the full-service mega markets. The reason being that these time-saving and money-saving shoppers are neglecting their fruits and veggies since these overpopulated, small stores are a little lax in this department.

Should we blame the shoppers, the stores are maybe both? The very idea of these poor, ignorant, money-saving, time-saving people refusing to catch a cab and travel across town to buy their kumquats and leaf spinach!

I was so excited by this NBC extravaganza I decided to flip over to CBS and continue my exhilaration with “60 Minutes.” I wasn’t disappointed in the least. It seems that this large group of young people — some as young as 10 — are suing the U.S. government in an attempt to stop dead in its tracks the pollution of all forms in this country.

The young people say they’re being denied their constitutional right to grow up in a pollution-free environment.

Boy, our Constitution is rally getting kicked around these days. Everyone has their own definition of the Constitution. I suppose that upon success of this lawsuit, the young people’s group will sue the remaining countries since they cause the vast majority of pollution in this world.

I wonder if the pilgrims ever think about resurrecting the Mayflower, putting their turkey in a toe sack and heading back to England.

Carl Hinson