Far-left Dems espouse radical, dangerous agenda

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Art Buchwald, a famous satirist, stopped writing his weekly column during the Watergate fiasco because he “couldn’t write anything as funny.” If he were alive today, he would look at the Democratic Party bug-eyed and breathless.

For instance, infanticide is legal in five states, and Virginia is debating it. It’s not contraception or abortion: it’s ending a life after the baby is delivered. If that weren’t bizarre, inhumane, cruel, outrageous and unethical enough, Democratic contenders for 2020’s presidential election are racing to see who can support the Green New Deal fastest, even though it requires:

1. Ending use of fossil fuels while the rest of the world doesn’t. That would result in no aircraft, large tankers and the collapse of the U.S. economy, since cargo, passenger flights and imports from overseas couldn’t reach us, and we couldn’t export. Hawaii’s chief industry, tourism, would collapse.

2. Replacing aircraft with high-speed rail throughout the country. California just abandoned the LA-San Francisco high-speed rail project because, $34 billion in, it’s too expensive. That was just two cities.

3. Retrofitting or razing old buildings and replacing them with energy-efficient structures — that includes individual homes, with enormous possible costs for homeowners.

4. A guaranteed income for those unable “or unwilling” to work. Yes, you read it right.

5. Free education, free housing, and free health care.

They also want Medicare for all, at a projected cost of $34 trillion, about 2.7 times the value of the U.S. economy.That doesn’t take into account the effect on patients.Medicare pays a fraction of what providers charge. Providers will leave the country, much as they did under Britain’s national health program.

Sen. Cory Booker, a vegan, suggests ending the beef industry and making people vegetarians because cow flatulence is ruining the environment. He doesn’t mention the jet he takes to campaign appearances.

Sen. Kamala Harris wants to do away with individual health insurance, but had to modify that statement to allow “some private insurance.” Sen. Bob Menendez doesn’t think illegal immigrants and DUI detainees are criminals. All of those named want to abolish ICE and open the border, despite evidence that the criminal element among those desperate people have committed crimes in this country.

If they watch the news, they’ve seen the effects of socialism in Venezuela, yet they want to do the same thing.

Democrats have said “the adults have left the room” in the Trump White House. It seems that, like modern parents, the Dem leaders are ignoring the behavior of the kids.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City