Family displaced in house fire seeks pet-friendly rental home

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We had our home of 28 years catch on fire in Stantonsburg on Feb. 2. We had insurance as most folks do but have been displaced with no house or RV camper available to rent.

We have two dogs and one older cat. It seems that when you tell the property owners you have fur babies, they tell you “no pets allowed.”

Our home was 2,600 square feet, and we are staying at my mom’s one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. One of our dogs has been separated from us at my daughter’s home. It’s been a blessing just having somewhere to lay our heads.

My son and I still work, so it’s been a real challenge just to get up and get dressed. I understand that landlords have to take caution because of irresponsible pet owners, but I am a landlord myself and understand policy. We are very responsible pet owners and need a three-bedroom home with two bathrooms. My mom was staying with us before the fire due to poor health and now we are all thrown into a tiny space.

I just do not understand why there are not any pet-friendly homes to rent in the Wilson area.

We are already so very stressed at this point and no one knows another person’s pain until they have gone through it themselves.

It’s easy to say no to someone and just walk away. We can’t just walk away; we have to keep trying to find a little peace after a long day at work. We need to get our thoughts together as to what our next step is.

I am asking for someone to have a heart and please consider a pet-friendly rental in a nice part of town because we have had our world turned upside down. We were blessed to get everyone out and still be here for me to be writing this letter. Pets are family, too!

David, Terry and Cody Horne