Failure to protect botched abortion victims a stain on the republic

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The Senate’s failure to move a bill forward that required doctors to provide sustenance and succor to babies who have survived an abortion is a stain on the American republic. Although our government has sanctioned the slaughter of 60 million people who had no voice, no vote and no protection even under the Constitution; this radical departure completely severs our collective soul as a nation from any linkage to our putative Christian heritage.

It should be of great concern to everyone that our politicians, including all the Democratic senators who are candidates for president, could be party to such a monstrous affront to common decency. Recently, New York Democrats voted to kill infants up to the day of birth and Virginia Democrats debated much the same. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a physician himself, defended infanticide in various venues. This follows the precedent of then-state Sen. Barack Obama who voted against a bill to provide abortion survivors with sustenance and allowing them to die.

The 1974 short story “The Pre-Persons” by Phillip K. Dick, postulates a future where children up to 12 years of age can be post-partum aborted because they do not yet have a soul as determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. The story is a serious critique of the arbitrariness of ending innocent life and the slippery slope once abortion is permitted at any point following conception. It seems that the Democratic Party has decided to ignore the slope and go right into the pit of depravity that the infamous Philadelphia late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell inhabited, as featured in the movie “Gosnell, America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.”

Ironically, the party that accuses any perceived slight or wrong by its opponents as Hitlerian is now the home of the actual Hitlerian practice of infanticide of undesirables. Even yellow-dog partisans need to examine their consciences and decide if they can still support a party that is willing to either let a newborn innocent die or actively snuff out its life after it has obviously passed the threshold of viability and has been born.

Let us hope this is one bridge too far and America will recoil from this onslaught on what remains of our humanity and ability to feel shame; shame for what we have become and shame for what we have lost and return to our Judeo-Christian roots.

Tom Haitema