Emotion, not evidence, used to falsely brand Trump a racist

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Re: “The blame game: Deepened racism in America” by George Leach, Wednesday:

Teachers encounter misomusists on a daily basis and attempt to encourage them to acquire knowledge in their areas of expertise. Nevertheless, some people are impervious to the entreaties and refuse to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn; as a matter of fact, these misomusists actively refuse to learn anything new. They are content with whatever knowledge, correct or not, they have already acquired.

This appears to be the case with the columnist who penned, “The blame game...” in Wednesday’s paper. He has decided the president is a racist and he’s sticking with that. A true misomusist, the author denies the reality that surrounds him. If the president were a true racist, he would not pursue economic and regulatory policies that have brought black and Hispanic unemployment rates to their lowest point in decades.

If he were a true racist, he would have just included Muslim majority countries in the travel ban rather than including Venezuela and North Korea also. The author’s charges of racial animus do not hold up under scrutiny or even basic logic.

The author’s contention that law should be based on “motherhood, women, tears, love, equality and children” is absurd on its face. It goes against the rule of law as put forth in the U.S. Constitution and the duly passed laws of the country. Rulings based on emotion are antithetical to rule of law. None of this seems to faze the author.

The author presents a litany of talking points and grievances in no particular order or with any rhyme or reason. He needs to decide if the empirical evidence of the improving economy and an examination of the functions corresponding to each branch of government should be the basis for governance or just the emotions of the moment.

France, during its revolution that devolved into a reign of terror, chose the road of emotions resulting in tens of thousands dead. Hopefully, the folks who exploit racism for their own short-term political gain will step back and embrace rationality; but, we shouldn’t be overly optimistic on this point.

Tom Haitema