Emergency declaration keeps pendulum swinging

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When a pendulum is brought to the height of its arc and released, it will often sway back and forth many times and over a long period before it finally comes to rest. The laws of physics ensure this. In politics, however, there are no such laws to guard against an infinite motion or even worse, that the pendulum might actually go further to the right and then left with each passing. This is exactly what we are seeing today with our two parties.

As an independent, I’m not here to proclaim authority of whether the southern border wall is needed or not. If the truth be told, it will most likely offer many more benefits than any Democrat will admit and also do far less than any Republican is trying to sell us. My primary concern at this point is not the validity of the wall, but rather, how we will receive it.

In 2001, the Twin Towers fell and with sweeping approval, we found ourselves at war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and crossing borders as we felt needed. All this while passing the Patriot Act, which left every citizen guilty until proven innocent should they become targeted.

A decade later, the wars were still raging and now President Obama swung the pendulum in his own direction. The Affordable Care Act was the law of the land and a vast majority of Americans saw their insurance go up. We had fulfilled the every need of the greedy by making it law that customers come through their doors. What did we expect? Many of the law’s pages were actually written directly by the corporations that would benefit from it’s passing.

Push forward to today. The man who hated Obama more than anyone was now in power and had to hear the term “Obamacare” daily. He needs his own namesake in stone. We need Trump’s Wall. Through the normal channels of our imperfect system, he could not find the funding and so now, we are in a state of national emergency. The executive powers have pushed the pendulum even further.

In the end, do not cheer or revel at your political victory, conservatives. The fulcrum will not rest. Before you know it, we will find ourselves amongst many emergencies requiring strict gun control, universal health care and whatever the flavor of the day is within the party of our left-leaning friends. So, how will those third- and fourth-party options look then?

Steven Davis