Elected officials, not just cops, need body cameras

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I doubt many people read the excellent editorial in Saturday’s edition of The Wilson Times (“Lift secrecy’s shadows and let the sun shine on state government”). It is March Madness season. Another media circus designed to distract the mob while the self-appointed emperor class in Raleigh and apparently Middlesex go about their nefarious under-the-table dealings.

My suggestion and answer to the editorial is:

To clean up state government and have true transparency, put body cameras on all elected officials as well as all public servants. Link them wirelessly to a 24/7 service to broadcast what they’re up to.

The only reason people don’t want the footage shown is because they have something to hide. That’s the inescapable conclusion. However, given the choice of exposing police body cams rather than elected officials’ body cams, the police footage would be front and center in a heartbeat.

The elected officials in Raleigh have an approach they view as pragmatic. In their minds, they are simply doing what needs to be done for the benefit of citizens — corporate citizens, that is.

They have a paternalistic mindset that tells them they know better than the people who elected them.

The reason they keep underfunding public education is to assure the public doesn’t understand the Constitution or anything else of significance in order to defend this paternalism.

They underfund colleges to assure that only their useless offspring can afford to attend and thus self-perpetuate their chain of command.

The out-of-state rich have decided that North Carolina is ripe for continued corruption. They use it as a lab experiment to see exactly what they can get away with before taking it nationwide. They have chosen the GOP as a vehicle. Its reach is deep. It exists in our own towns and communities.

Saving American democracy is required of us all.

Dave Hager