Economic gains show Trump’s successful first year

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The Dow set 71 new records this year, its best one-year performance and its strongest first year post-Election Day since 1945, rising 28.5 percent!

The Dow gained a record 5,000 points since the start of 2017! The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 have also made record gains! The economy expanded at greater than 3 percent in three consecutive quarters and growth of 3.2 percent in the third quarter marked a three-year high!

President Trump, having signed a major tax overhaul into law and cut many restricting regulations significantly, has had much to do with the new optimism and relief for business-friendly agendas, as well as other countries’ excitement about the new tax plan! Now, if the Democrats would work together with the GOP instead of their negative resistance, perhaps the health situation could be improved and infrastructure plans could move forward!

Why would any smart voter want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 to continue their resistance after such a productive first year of the new president? Why would anyone keeping up with the facts want to continue those hateful, negative articles with only their self- opinionated rhetoric as their basis? Is there a purpose for these media articles that will help America, or does ego and self-importance come into the mix?

The Democrats’ and the media’s methodology is to confuse the nation with misrepresentations! Are they hoping if they say it often enough with enough force that it will be believed by those who don’t think or read for themselves?

The previous administration didn’t accomplish as much in eight years as President Trump has in one year, 2017! In part because Obama had an intense need to be loved rather than feared by foreign powers. Trump has quickly gained back from other countries the respect for America!

Countries recognize Trump, unlike Obama, follows a single foreign policy agenda: Trump will do what is in America’s best interest, unhindered by theology disguised as ideology. He doesn’t want to be loved; he wants America to be respected and successful in our own country and on the world stage!

Thank goodness we have a highly intelligent business professional who demonstrates that he knows how to get things done for America even in the face of all the opposition. It is very obvious that those are the ones who don’t care about our country, just their position and the money they can rape from it!

Linda Cameron