Draft dodger Springsteen unfit for high honor

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I just read Bill Biddle’s “Dems protest patriotic speech, high-octane economy” (Feb. 11). His description of the outlandish behavior of our esteemed Democratic congressmen was right on target. With that in mind; the speech so antagonizing, why didn’t these people get up and follow the few who exited? They should have used this time to gather somewhere and start their next episode of impeachment of President Trump.

The hair on my neck stood out in the mentioning of Bruce Springsteen receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If there ever was a fraud such as this mockery, you would have to go Russia or China to find it. The liberal do-gooders have attempted to keep Springsteen’s self-centered moment away from the public, but if you want to get a true picture of him, delve into Google and enlighten yourself as to the scam of this con Medal of Freedom honoree.

During the Vietnam War, the road to Canady was paved in gold for deserters who believed it was their patriotic duty to turn their yellow backs on their fellow Americans. However, everything turned out fine for them. The time in Canady was probably an inconvenience, but after the war, they were invited back, all forgiven and in many cases were honored while the real heroes were scorned and dishonored.

However, Springsteen did not see fit to interrupt his entertainment career by wasting his time in Canady. He came up with a better idea that would keep him safe from serving his country and keep him on the road to becoming an entertainment guru. Springsteen arrived at the induction center, along with other draft-age Americans who went on to perform their duty. Springsteen went face-to-face with the examiners and mimicked mental incompetence. The examiners fell for this hoax or maybe were a part of it. Springsteen left the induction center and all of a sudden he was in normal mental health. This was probably the fastest cure on record for mental illness.

It’s a pity that representatives of veterans organizations were not present to pin their award on Springsteen. It probably would have been similar to Hawthorne’s scarlet letter “A,” except the initials would have been “DD.”

Carl Hinson