Dr. Boles went the extra mile for his dental patients

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I have recently learned the disheartening news that my longtime dentist of 45 years, Dr. Bill Boles Jr., has left the very successful dental practice that he built himself, from the ground up.

My family and I became patients of his long ago in 1974. I know him and I trust him totally, beyond measure. I place the utmost confidence in him and I must say he has always acted in only the highest professional manner during every dental appointment I ever had with him.

Being 65 years of age, I remember many unpleasant and scary dental experiences while growing up as a child, so I was always quite nervous when I had to go to the dentist. I am glad to say that things have changed and I know I do not have any reason to be afraid. Thankfully, Dr. Bill Boles Jr. has never made me feel uncomfortable or at unease.

I will always remember many years ago when my brother, Mike Lancaster, discovered he had throat cancer, after Dr. Bill Boles Jr. insisted that Mike have that noticed area in his mouth further examined. My family and I will always thank Dr. Bill Boles for having a part in saving my brother’s life.

Furthermore, Dr. Bill Boles Jr. drove more than 30 miles numerous times to check on Mike and to see if he could help my brother with this dreary, painful condition. Even though it was considered a small and insignificant deed, when Dr. Boles brought him an electric toothbrush, one day, we recognized it as him trying in any way possible to help comfort Mike during this dark time in his life. It meant so much to Mike’s family because, after all, we were only dental patients, not Dr. Boles’ family or even friends. He simply cares about his patients — all of them.

Dr. Bill Boles is an exceptional kind of person; so exceptional, in fact, that he made several house calls. How many of us know of doctors and dentists making house calls today? I do not know of any. He is not just a dentist, he is the kindest and most patient dentist to have ever treated me.

Interestingly enough, I remember another time when he was so considerate and kind to take the time to treat my elderly mother who had Alzheimer’s disease and was not easy to reason with in many situations, especially in a dentist’s chair. Nevertheless, he treated her patiently and respectfully.

In the world we live in today, there are fewer and fewer people who have the characteristics and traits that Dr. Bill Boles has. Many people look to monetary gain as their No. 1 goal in life. We must all remember and never forget such a highly reputable dentist and such a true, genuine person.

Mary Theda Lancaster Edge