Don’t make Duke Energy customers pay for coal ash spill

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In reference to Senate Bill 559, I respectfully request as a North Carolina taxpayer and veteran that Duke Energy be held accountable for the coal ash pile fiasco and not allow them to pass on the costs to consumers.

I have been a nuclear/environmental consultant for 40 years and there is no amount of wool they can pull over my eyes. The blatant action they took to avoid proper handling and disposal of coal ash is beyond comprehension, and should actually involve prison time for some of the senior managers who oversaw this. The huge environmental catastrophe that we saw a few years ago when a dam broke and washed a coal ash pile through towns is a classic example of what can happen with mismanagement of a hazardous “waste steam” like this and the danger of heavy metals that come from coal ash.

As in any technical field, there are strict protocols for handling such waste, and of more concern — there are laws. The National Environmental Policy Act, for example, was enacted 50 years ago. Duke has had plenty of time to adopt this legislation under its environmental and legal responsibilities as a major utility in this country.

Enough said. I hope state lawmakers will take my advice and end this insanity now.

Ward G. Brunkow