Don’t blame me for atrocities, blame the perpetrators

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I am writing in response to the Oct. 31 guest editorial, “We all share blame for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting,” by The Fayetteville Observer.

I, for one, am so sick and tired of being “blamed” for all the stupidity of a few in our society. No, I did not know any of the victims of that deranged idiot, nor did I know any of the victims of the Las Vegas shootings, or any of the other atrocities that have been committed in this country over the recent past. To say that I am “responsible for” or to try to pass on “blame” to me is outrageous.

I have never pointed a gun at any living human being and wanted to kill that person! So don’t you dare take it on yourself to put blame for another person’s insane act on me. “Drops of blood spilled in that synagogue...” are on the hands of the man who pulled the trigger. Whatever hate he had was his and his alone. He loaded that gun, he went to that synagogue, he and he alone murdered those people.

It was not me! I never gave him the guns, the idea, the plan or anything else related to the tragedy. What makes you think that you have the right to blame me or any of my friends?

Do I feel sorrow for the victims and/or their families? Absolutely, but they didn’t keep me from having diabetes, either. Doesn’t that sound stupid? That’s how I feel when someone makes idiotic statements about my being responsible for something over which I have absolutely no control.

How did I “...stoke the flames of anger, division and savagery in our country...” thereby causing another individual to commit that act upon people that “he hated”? Why do you think his action is my fault? What did I do to facilitate “his act”? How could I have prevented “his action”?

Until you can show me how I am complicit in this act or better yet, what you have done to prevent incidents like this from happening, you have no right to blame me.

Dennis Rutter