Displaced family still struggles to find pet-friendly rental

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We had a house fire on Feb. 2. It has been a nightmare trying to find what we owned and lived in for 28 years. We have always been very hardworking folks and have never asked for anything. We worked for what we have accomplished. Little did we know just how difficult it was going to be finding pet-friendly emergency housing.

Our two dogs are registered with the ESA as therapy dogs. We have found homes that would be perfect only to get slapped in the face with “Oh, you have pets. Sorry you can’t have pets.”

These dogs are very well behaved and house-trained as well as giving us emotional support. They have helped us through this house fire and made it bearable. I cannot believe Wilson doesn’t have some type of housing for a displaced family or families when disaster strikes.

It’s been tough enough just trying to keep working and my husband is a disabled veteran. We have been looking day and night for a home to rent on a six- to eight-month lease with help from our homeowners’ insurance. It has added more stress than any human being should have to endure.

We talked to a property owner and he is considering building homes for folks just like us. I pray someone else will do the same as this property owner. Wilson has a great need for this type of project.

I am writing this in hopes that the right person will see this and open up their heart. All we want is a nice place to call home while we wait for our home to be rebuilt. We are staying with relatives now in a one-bedroom, one-bath. We are thankful to have a place to lay our heads at night, but there are four people and two pets in this one-bedroom apartment. Imagine that for awhile — and we came from a 2,600 square-foot home.

We are waiting and waiting for a home and I pray it’s soon to come. I have found a few rental agencies who are willing but have no homes for rent.

We are still holding out hope for that right home to open up soon.

David, Terry and Cody Horne