Democratic lawmakers condone infanticide

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When I read this statement from Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, I felt a cold chill come over me. He said that when a baby is born during an abortion, it will be made comfortable while the mother and the doctor discuss whether to kill the baby or not.

Let’s speak plainly — this is just barbaric. The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was blocked by the Democrats in the Senate, which would have required doctors to provide the same level of care to a baby that survives a botched abortion as a natural born baby would receive. Only three Democratic senators voted in favor of the bill, with 44 Democrats voting against. All Republicans voted in favor of the bill. The bill failed on a 53-44 majority with 60 votes needed to pass.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that allows health care providers to kill babies at 8 and 9 months. Again supported by Democrats. In the state of New York you do not have to be a medical professional to perform abortions, you need only obtain a license.

What is even more alarming and hypocritical is the Democrats have been screaming and shouting at Trump about separating children from their parents at the border while condoning the killing of babies.

During one of the House Judiciary Committee hearings while questioning Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Rep. Pramila Jayapal was overcome with emotion when asking Whitaker about the government’s policy on separating children from their parents at the border. Only a few weeks before, she voted against protecting unborn babies.

Democrats support Planned Parenthood, where an unborn baby dies inside a clinic every 97 seconds, or more than 300,000 a year. It’s interesting to note that every Democratic senator who voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood, totaling over $500,000.

The other night I listened to a doctor describe why he will not do abortions. I don’t remember the doctor or the program, but his comment was that if a doctor was to watch an abortion and then the dismembering of a fetus to harvest the baby’s body parts, he would never consent to doing an abortion.

As Sen. Ben Sasse stated on the Senate floor, “this is a said day in the United States Senate.” What kind of a nation have we become?

What is even more alarming is that our local Democrats have not uttered a peep on the subject; evidently they are in support of infanticide. Where do U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield and state Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield stand on the subject?

This is disgraceful to say the least. I can only assume that Democrats would rather sell their soul to the devil for political gain than to do what is morally right.

William E. Biddle