Demand for handouts cracks Wilson’s cookie jar

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Wilson is a cookie jar city. What is a cookie jar city, you may ask?

It is a city that tries to help the needy. A city starts out to help the unfortunate and and does a pretty good job at the start — cookies are made and put in the jar for the needy to use for survival.

Soon, more and more start dipping into the cookie jar and the bakers see this and wonder why they should make cookies when they are free for the taking. After awhile, you have more dipping into the jar than baking and the jar becomes weak from all the dipping into it.

Wilson is like that — just drive around the city and see the streets cracked and covered with trash and instead of trying to fix it, the city leaders want to give away more cookies and the bad part is they give whether it is needed or not. They keep saying they do not have manpower to do the job of monitoring the situation and need more help to deal with it.

The city, like the state, has some of the worst customer service, I know that is an unpopular statement, but the city employees in a lot of the jobs feel the citizens are here to support them and they are the supervisors who everyone answers to.

Our leaders need to monitor the cookie jar, make sure the employees of the city are doing what they are being paid to do and get out to see the cracks that are forming in the cookie jar. Instead of holding a breakfast meeting, they should get in a city van and hold their meeting while riding around the city.

Jake Eichman