Deed transfers for June 25-29

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The following deed transfers for the week of June 25-29, 2018, have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds office:

From Wainwright & Hodge, LLC to WJH LLC, 300-303 Hazel Drive, $56,000;

From City of Wilson Redevelopment Commission to WHC LLC, 207, 209, 210 and 211 Manchester St. SE; 203 Vick St., no stamp;

From Marcellus Pope Jr. and Annie W. Pope to Tim L. Canady and Yolanda H. Canady, 1503 Stronwood Drive N., $142,500;

From Laura Katherine Butler, Timothy David Butler, attorney in fact and administrative CTA, Elizabeth Tosto Goforth estate to Travis Benton Driver and Michele Weiskopf Driver, 2004 Garrett Drive NW, $217,000;

From Gary Lynn Hamilton and Janet Lee Hamilton to Hayden Thomas Jones and Christina Lynn Jones, 413 Sunset Road NW, $172,000;

From Tiffany McCormick, Stephanie P. Barnes, Shannon M. Barnes and Matthew Pearson to GSM Properties, quitclaim deed for rural homesite on Downing Road, no stamp;

From Edward Gold Flowers to GSM Properties, LLC rural homesite on Downing Road, $100,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Gina M. Reynolds, 4005 Eclipse Way NW, $186,000;

From Victoria D. Tisdale and Cape Fear Trustee Services, PLLC to Freedom Mortgage Corp., foreclosure deed, corrective substitute trustee deed for 3917 Rasberry Drive N., $112,000;

From Freedom Mortgage Corp. to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 3917 Rasberry Drive N., no stamp;

From Tonya Harris Jackson and Jamie L. Jackson to Marcellus Pope, 1023 Faison St. E, $47,000;

From Tony Robert Sauls and Stephanie Pippin Sauls to Thu Thi Tgoc Nguyen, 3203 Jennings Farm Drive NW, $56,500;

From Billy Floyd Lamm to Paul Douglas Lamm, rural homesite on St. Mary’s Church Road, $36,000;

From Danny T. Mercer, trustee Roney T. Mercer irrevocable trust, dated Nov. 18, 2002 to Danny T. Mercer and Polly Mercer, trustee deed for 4530 Lamm Road, no stamp;

From Madison Revolving Trust 2017 and Nationstar Mortgage LLC, attorney in fact, to Dana Yarborough, 405 Maplewood Ave. NE, $4,000;

From Patty Jo Lorah to James Earl Barnes, 5731 Holdens Cross Road, $80,000;

From Jean Marlene Pope to Jackie Keith Pope, 9241 U.S. 301 S., no stamp;

From Teresa Jones Gardner and Lenny Cicero, substitute trustee, to State Employees’ Credit Union, trustee deed for 6234 N.C. 222 E., Stantonsburg, $209,500;

From Patricia Ann McNally to Marie Anne Baudet, trustee, Marie Anne Baudet revocable trust agreement dated Jan. 5, 2012, 1711 Brentwood Circle N., $216,000;

From Susan Taylor Johnson, Greg Johnson, Sharon Newsome, Susan Taylor Johnson, executor Mary Speight Taylor estate, to Maragh Property Holdings, LLC, 601 Poe St. SW, $64,000;

From Donald R. Franks to Robert C. Hiett and Merriann Layton Hiett, 2910 Brentwood Drive N., $160,000;

From Cindy Jones Norville and Dalton Ward Norville to Elite Flooring Properties, LLC, 208 S. Anderson St., Elm City, $60,000;

From Thomas Joseph Jones and Molly Armstrong Jones to Lita Simmons Armstrong, 8205 Byrd Road, no stamp;

From Fikewood Restaurant, LLC to NPC Quality Burgers, Inc., 800 U.S. 301 N., $200,000;

From Tammie Jo Taylor to Jeffrey Thomas Farmer, 4506 Tammy Lane, $9,000;

From WJH LLC and City of Wilson Redevelopment Commission to Kitzi M. Pippiens and Alton Pippiens Jr., 117 Manchester St. SE, $92,500;

From Nia Canady and Larry Canady to Canady Real Estate, LLC, 801 Rountree St. NE, no stamp;

From Linda Nicholson Jordan, Kristie J. Adams, Michael R. Adams, Kimberly Griffitt and Robert Joseph Griffitt to Kristie J. Adams and Michael R. Adams, quitclaim deed for 6844 Stagecoach Road, no stamp;

From Virginia K. Ward, Dana Sue Rembold, James David Rembold Jr., Robert L. Ward Jr. and Krissy Lee Ward to Anthony Bajek and Amanda Bajek, 8211 Byrd Road, $162,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Marshall Scott, LLC, 3620 Eagle Farm Drive N, $52,500;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Saundrice M. Lucas and Reginald E. Davis, 4108 Sabre Lane NW, $164,000;

From Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Ralph Zampella, 1215 Elizabeth Road W, $42,000;

From WJH LLC to Sherry Curry, 115 Manchester St., $92,500;

From Tracy Massey Bamford and David Milton Bamford to Ina J. Wade, 2200 Village Drive W, $128,000;

From V & M Enterprises, LLC to Jamie King, 901 Lincoln St., $86,000;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., rural homesite on Weaver Road, $20,000;

From William D. Adams III to JTM Management Group, LLC, 106-108 Belmont Ave., $75,000;

From Sandra Greene Summerlin, executor, and Larry James Summerlin to Feel Free Church Ministries, commercial property on U.S. 301 N., $78,000;

From Dennis K. Groce and Lisa A. Caster, 1106 Sunnybrook Road, $113,500;

From D. R. Horton, Inc. to Aaron J. Nhem, 3556 Jetstream Drive NW, $154,500;

From D. R. Horton, Inc. to Coleman Hunter and Angela Hunter, 4105 Sabre Lane NW, $174,000;

From Bent Creek Farms, LLC to Roberto Perez Dublan and Zadith A. Aragon-Mendoza, 4811 Glen Laurel Road, $20,000;

From Braxton Britt Rentals, LLC to R & K Group, Ltd., 3603 Citation Court and 3601 Citation Court, $25,000;

From Carol Flowers Webb, Stephen Edward Webb and Mary Kathryn T. Webb to State of North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, rural homesite on Passageway Court, $6,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., to William A. Boyette and Faith G. Smith, 3409 Wyncliff Drive N., $258,500;

From William B. Kalinoski and Tinatsu M. Wallace to Calvin D. Barnes and Stephanie L. Barnes, 1201 Queen Anne Road NW, $187,000;

From Capitol City Homes, LLC to Michael Anthony Lupton and Ann Pond Lupton, 3209 Grapevine Court W, $220,000;

From Odell C. Tant and Sarah T. Tant to Glenn Wells, 901 Whitehead Ave. NE, $42,000;

From Benedict Jude Richard Pinto and Harshala S. Vedak to Larry A. Newsome, 4811 Upchurch Road, $160,000;

From Douglas W. Parks and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC substitute trustee, to EarlyFalsom Properties, Inc., 4710 Ward Blvd., $18,000;

From Tom Benson Rentals, LLC to Avery Davis Investments, LLC, 3904 Starship Lane NW, $155,000;

From James S. Brantley and Rosalia Brantley to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 7522 Glenn Road, $35,000;

From Deborah H. Outlaw and Kenneth B. Outlaw to Harleigh Outlaw Dryman and Shane Mitchell Dryman, 7440 Tory Place, $1,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Marcello A. Hargett, 4103 Sabre Lane NW, $169,000;

From David Upchurch and Angela G. Upchurch to David R. Upchurch Inc., 6509 N.C. 222 and 6513 Church St., Saratoga, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Art Roberts III and Gloria Beamon Roberts, 5106 Armetus Road, $253,500;

From Adam Scharfe and Marleis Scharfe to Christopher Tripp, 1422 Forest Hills Road NW, $118,500;

From Michael S. Seigel and Christina T. Seigel to Robert Calvin Bullock and Patricia Hair Bullock, 6052 Farmwood Loop, $259,000;

From Fred E. Armstrong Jr., Delilah Armstrong, Frances E. Armstrong, Brenda C. Armstrong, Mark Armstrong and Nelson Armstrong, attorney in fact, to Richard Lee Manning, 7216 Harts Acres Court, $49,000;

From Fred E. Armstrong Jr., Delilah Armstrong, Frances E. Armstrong, Brenda C. Armstrong, Mark Armstrong and Nelson Armstrong, trustees for Armstrong family living trust dated April 27, 1998 to Richard Lee Manning, quitclaim deed for 7216 Harts Acres Court, no stamp;

From EH Lifestyle Holdings, LLC, Work Plan Experts, LLC and Modern Home Lifestyle to Catherine C. Davis, 3807 Columbia Ave., $178,000;

From Ralph Zampella and Judith Zampella to Roberto Perez Dublan, and Zadith Amalia Aragon Mendoza, 1215 Elizabeth Road W, $60,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Samantha Monique Burns, 2407 Winding Creek Drive SW, $127,000;

From Edward A. Dixon, executor will of Daphne K. Dixon, Bonnie Dixon Williamson and William E. Williamson to Frank Barragan and Arlene Salazar-Barragan, 1301 Westwood Ave., $21,500;

From Charles Ray Kirby, Pamela Kirby Murray, Kim Kirby Oakley, Timothy Isaac Kirby, Patricia Garner Kirby, Robert Neil Kirby, Brian Ketrell Kirby and Lisa A. Kirby to Frank Barragan and Arlene Salazar-Barragan, 1301 Westwood Ave., $21,500;

From Gloria Roberts and Art Roberts to William Figueroa, 1717 Centre St. N, $137,000;

From Amos Calvin Jenkins and Linda Winstead Jenkins to Jay Calvin Jenkins and David Gerald Jenkins, 1205 Dogwood Lane NW, no stamp;

From Jesse J. Emory III to Lisa B. Emory, quitclaim deed for 3205 Brentwood Drive N, no stamp;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Daniel J. Galway, 4117 Sabre Lane NW, $176,000.