Deed transfers, May 7-11

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The following deed transfers for the week of May 7-11, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Big Pinkie Co., LLC to Silverthorne Properties Inc., 106 Spruce Street W, $24,000;

From B. Edward Pittman, trustee, Gloria F. Pittman, trustee The B. Edward and Gloria F. Pittman revocable living trust, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to A. Jamieson Gregory, trustee deed for 5637 Bridgersville Road, Elm City, $106,000;

From Garris-Evans Lumber Company to Phillip Collier and McKenna Justice, 5301 Tumberry Court N, $140,000;

From Walter L. Johnson and Linda H. Johnson to Daniel R. Bass and Dana R. Bass, 2103 Dees Court NW, $185,000;

From North Carolina Housing Finance Agency to Ralph Holg LLC, 6611 Sweetgum Court, Sims, no stamp;

From Tiana Z. Hinnant to Terry Lynn Smith and Suzette Maria Estanislau Smith, 5071 Wiggins Mill Road, $93,500;

From Mark Steven Bass to James Ervin Rigsbee, 4417 Raleigh Road Parkway, $6,500;

From B&B Home Builders, L.L.C. to William Jeremy Price and Casie Elaine Price, 5629 Alberta Court, $171,000;

From Tiffany D. Edwards and Roy Lee Edwards to Hope Hooks Sims, 1605 Dartmore Drive N, $80,000;

From Jason R. Page, commissioner, R.C.M. Rountree, commissioner, Jennifer C. Stott and Brian Penny to Ronald W. Ford II, commissioners deed for 6973 Rock Ridge Sims Road, $104,000;

From Larnell Thoms and Valerie E. Thoms to Tiffany Shereel Williams, 2500 St. Christopher Circle SW-5, $123,000;

From Verlena Everette to Phyllis V. Edwards, Michael R. Manciel, Duvon B. Edwards and Cody J. Edwards, quitclaim deed for rural homesite on Grimsley Store Road, no stamp;

From Greenleaf Auto Recyclers, LLC to Wojo Holdings, LLC, 2328 Womble-Brooks Road, $575,000;

From NRD RT 30 LLC to TMT33, LLC, Raleigh Road Parkway West, $1,213,000;

From Janie P. Weaver and L. Scott Weaver to Richard Adam Williams, 9101 Shadwell Court, Sharpsburg, $45,000;

From Yusuf A. Hamood, Nabihah M. Jafer to Santiago Guerrero Fabian and Maria Rosita Valdivia Cruz, 108 Bill Myers Avenue SE, $47,000;

From Tameka Delphine Pitt and Steven Ray Pitt to Antoine L. Jones and Tahjnah E. Jones, 4416 Pinehurst Drive W, $179,000;

From Esther M. Thomas, executor Azzalee M. Hines Estate to Edgar R. Mazariegos and Dary M. Mazariegos, 1305 Fikewood Street E, $61,000;

From Sonja Batrise Bloodworth to Alaina Batrise Bloodworth, 3530 Wescott Drive NW, no stamp;

From Diana B. James, Page T. Smith and Eliot F. Smith to Ginkco, LLC, 807 Nash Street W, $76,000;

From Thomas Walter Haene, Darlene Lee Haene, Rita Haene Queen and Harold Edward Queen II to Thomas Brett Haene and Tammy Barfield Haene, 6006 NC 42 Highway E, $50,000;

From Richard H. Hensley, Deborah M. Parnell and Lonnie Wayne Parnell to Vivian Anning, 5847 Hornes Church Road, $20,000;

From Frank Barragan and Arlene Salazar-Barragan to YES Real Estate Construction Group, Inc., 109 Gold Street E and 111 Gold Street E, $55,000;

From Hester and Hester Properties, LLC to Artistic Salon and Day Spa, L.L.C., 2837 Daisy Lane North, no stamp;

From James Henry Darden III, Carolyn Parvin Darden, Susan Darden Henwood, Paul David Henwood and Durston Reeder Darden to Jesse Lyman Bogue Jr. and Betty Bryant Bogue, 1613 Raleigh Road, $376,000;

From Tamara A. Carter, Mark N. Carter, Faith A. Wheeler and Robert M. Wheeler Jr. to Mullett Marketing, Inc., 124 North Point Drive, $50,000;

From Gene Clark to Cheryl M. Salice, 3006 Arch Court NW, $118,000;

From Mark Dwayne Mumford and Jennifer Lamm Mumford to Mark Dwayne Mumford and Jennifer Lamm Mumford, 8563 Fannie Road and rural homesite on Fannie Road, no stamp;

From Henry E. Phillips and Candis B. Phillips to Henry E. Phillips, Candis B. Phillips and Terri P. Pilkington, rural homesite on Stott Road and 7775 Stott Road, no stamp;

From MRW Development Inc. to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 5006 Pennington Place, $37,500.

From Progressive Development Partners Wilson/Nash LLC to Jose Luis Rodriguez, 8227 Buckhorn Landing Road, no stamp;

From Jose L. Rodriguez to Progressive Development Partners Wilson/Nash, LLC, 6430 Old Raleigh Road, no stamp;

From James Roy Kent to Gator Wood, Inc., timber deed for rural homesite on Exum Road, no stamp;

From West Creek Developers Limited Partnership, Walkers Trace Inc., partner and W.T. Cozart, attorney in fact to Marcelo Leon Luviano and Elizabeth Diego Sandoval, 3807 Baybrooke Drive and 3809 Baybrooke Drive, $60,000;

From Lannis E. Raper Sr. to Gregory Alan Raper and Jennifer Lois Raper, 7272 Springfield School Road and rural homesite on Springfield School Road, no stamp;

From Joseph Pete House and Nettie Faye House to Joseph Andrew McArtan and Hannah Ellis McArtan, 6500 Little Rock Church Road, no stamp;

From Linda Mitchell to Hannah Nicole Mitchell and Justin Michael Taylor, 7229 Upper Black Creek Church Road, no stamp;

From Robert Leo Nanney III and Donna Lynnell Nanney to Maria Raya-Reyes and Alfredo D. Reyes, 3706 Creekside Circle N, $167,500;

From Tara Janet Jackson to Jeffery S. Maynor and Susan C. Maynor, 4410 Highmeadow Lane N, $180,000;

From George V. Oliver, Wandra J. Oliver, Sheila L. Oliver, Sheryl L. Lyons and James Lyons to George V. Oliver and Wandra Oliver, 1702 Bynwood Circle SE, no stamp;

From Joseph A. Driver, executor Ida Mae Driver Estate, Phillip Driver and Lynn D. Driver to Phillip D. Driver and Lynn D. Driver, 4167 London Church Road NE, no stamp;

From Joseph A. Driver, executor Ida Mae Driver Estate, Faye D. Davis and Wayne Davis to Faye D. Davis, 5105 Sawdust Road, no stamp;

From Joseph A. Driver, executor Ida Mae Driver Estate, Susan D. Pridgen and William S. William to Susan D. Pridgen and William S. Pridgen, 4163 London Church Road NE, no stamp;

From Violet W. Shiffer, Erik Gregory Shiffer, Yvonne Era Shiffer, Jennifer Rebecca Wills, Michael Dozier Wills, Christine Y. Boyette and Charles Lewis Boyette to Jeffrey A. Harris and Laura R. Harris, 3531 Marguerite Lane NW, and 3529 Marguerite Lane NW, $165,000;

From Vivian M. Speight-Bridgers to Rodney Monta Brown and Melissa Jenkins Brown, 106 Whitehead Avenue NE, $45,000;

From June Wells Golden to Vishal Sharma and Jyoti Sharma, 4010 Hart Avenue NW, $30,000;

From Walters Team Incorporated to Mary D. Simpson, 7053 Rock Ridge School Road, $115,000;

From Patrick Curtis Etheridge and Ashley L. Etheridge to Lana Patrice Etheridge, 5103B NC 42 Highway W, no stamp;

From Joann S. Wells to St. Jude Apostolic Holiness Church, 1404 Nash Street E, no stamp;

From Linda S. Borg, Glenn Borg and Vicky L. Williams to Vicky L. Williams and Thomas Ray Williams, 4502 Bar Harbor Drive, $65,000;

From Bobby Johnson, co-executor, Robin Johnson, Johnny Johnson, co-executor, Linda Johnson and Alma ..Ruth Johnson Estate to Ervin F. Cockrell and Geraldine N. Cockrell, 1812 Oakdale Drive W, $100,000;

From James G. Philyaw and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, substitute trustee to Sun Trust Bank, foreclosure deed for 7155 Gum Pond Road, Stantonsburg, $57,000;

From Danny N. Hinton to Shirley P. Hinton, 6020 Cattail Road and rural homesite on Cattail Road, no stamp;

From Latoya Taylor and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, substitute trustee to Braxton Britt Rental, LLC, foreclosure deed for 500 Thurston Drive W, $35,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Myko T. Tapispisan, 4007 Eclipse Way NW, $177,500;

From Shaneka L. Newsome and Dwight T. David to Dwight T. David, quitclaim deed for 4222 Craft Lane, no stamp;

From Charles K. Hinnant & Company, Inc. to Angel Martinez Garcia, 8360 Harrell Store Road, no stamp;

From K. L. Walston Construction, Inc. to George H. Allen and Gretchen Allen, 403 Monticello Drive NW, $163,000;

From Mary E. Barnes and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., trustee deed for 2432 Winding Creek Drive SW, $77,000;

From Natalie Walton to Kirby Brown LLC, 2241 Nash Place N, $63,000;

From Benjamin F. Ellis and Annette Jones Whitley, 2305 Howard Jones Court E, $99,000;

From Whitney E. Saunders Jr. and Virginia Simpson Saunders to Jody M. Zarka and Joya A. Zarka, 4344 W. Langley Road, $252,000;

From Michael D. Thatcher and Marsha J. Thatcher to Michael Cales Strickland and Ashley Wilson Strickland, 1902 Chelsea Drive NW, $224,000;

From Erader A. Mills Jr., attorney in fact and Yvonne P. Mills to Alejandro Gutierrez Zea and Lizeth Mena Vasquez, 3005 Tilghman Road N, $100,000.