Deed transfers for April 2-6

Posted 4/13/18

The following deed transfers for the week of April 2-6, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Ray G. Boykin and Shirley J. Boykin to David Boykin, quitclaim …

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Deed transfers for April 2-6

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The following deed transfers for the week of April 2-6, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office: From Ray G. Boykin and Shirley J. Boykin to David Boykin, quitclaim deed for 8211 Rock Ridge School Road, $1,000; From 4C Ventures, LLC to Andrews Properties, 2803 Ardsley Road, $15,000; From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Gress Cepeda Castro and Ramon Ramirez Cuevas, 3558 Jetstream Drive, $182,000; From Roger G. Cates, Nancy Cates and Lisa S. Cates to Brian Exum and Johnette Exum, 6603 Burress Street, Saratoga, $7,000; From Pedro Sangabriel Arcos to Gerardo Sangabriel Arcos, 1604 Southwest Goldsboro Street, no stamp; From London Church Road Apartments Limited Partnership and Iroquois Farms, Inc. Partner to E.L.C. Apartments LLC, 1800 London Church Road NE, $635,000; From Bettie C. Rosell to Mark Allen Rosell, 207 Pearson Street, N, no stamp; From Ethan F. Jones and Mary Elizabeth Baines Jones to Ethan F. Jones and Mary Elizabeth Baines Jones, 2405 Koval Court SW, no stamp; From William S. Edwards Jr. to Edwards Land Management, LLC, 2903 Fieldstream Drive N and 2809 Daisy Lane N, no stamp; From Barbara B. Sauls, Dennis Rudolph Sauls, administrator, Margie G. Sauls and Debra Ann Harlowe to Mary Jones Gardner, 205 Branch Street, Black Creek, $51,500; From Michael A. Eatmon and Anita Michelle Eatmon to Jesse L. Johnson, 409 Denby Street SW, $58,000; From Jack Higgins, Jackie W. Higgins and Linda L. Higgins to AOCR LLC, 2861 Ward Boulevard-F, $130,000; From Stephen R. Taylor and Mary L. Taylor to Paul Clifford Darden III and Cynthia Hunt Darden, 608 W Raleigh Road Parkway W, $470,000; From Richard P. Horner and Patricia H. Horner to Cammie H. Britton, 4800 Olympic Lane N-A, $158,000; From Sharon A. Bynum and Ronnie L. Bynum to Mollie Renfrow, 7731 Johnnie Lane, $4,500; From Jennifer Barnes to Taine G. Pyle and Holly M. Pyle, 1716 Ridgeway Street W $139,000; From B & B Home Builders, LLC to Joshua Omega Fleming and Maria Danielle Fleming, 4903 Mallard Lane, $168,000; From Anne Randolph, Mary Lucas, Helen Armstrong, Christine Burwell and Arthur Burwell to William B. Boykin, rural homesite on Crepe Myrtle Court and rural homesite on Aviation Place, $1,000; From Janet Danielle Jones and Synapse Investment Group, LLC to Carl Rees and Melissa D. Rees, 1001 Ferndale Court NW, $249,000; From Hugh B. Johnston Jr., L. Patrick Fleming Jr., trustee The Hugh B. Johnston, Jr. Trust to Thomas Owen Drakeford Johnston, first and second tracts at 3042 NC 42 E; third and fourth tracks rural homesite on St. Marys Church Road; first, second, third and fourth parcels rural homesite on Webb Lake Road, no stamp; From Lindy Smith Whitley to Lindy Smith Whitley, trustee Lindy Smith Whitley revocable trust dated October 23, 2017, and any amendments thereto, 3018 Cranberry Drive SW, no stamp;

From Will Boykin Investment Services, LLC to Boykin Management Holdings LLC, 2509-A W. Nash Street, no stamp; From Patricia N. Miller and James M. Miller to James M. Miller, trustee and Patricia N. Miller trustee James M. Miller and Patricia N. Miller revocable trust dated February 15, 2018 and any amendments thereto, 4523 Country Club Drive N, no stamp; From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. and K. M. Minemier Associates, LLC to Curtis T. Hinnant, 1409 Mercer Street SW, no stamp; From Ronald Duringo Hunt and Nicole Davis Hunt to Charlotte Jean Hoover, 2508 Stedman Drive NW, $120,000; From Junior C. Brown, Joyce S. Brown, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to HSBC Bank USA, National Association trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc., asset backed pass through certificates series 2003-HE3, foreclosure deed for 8574 Revell Road, Kenly, $27,500; From Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 412 Garner Street W, no stamp; From Myra L. Cunningham, Donnie Ray Cunningham, co-executor Louise M. Cunningham Estate and Sharon Little Allen, co-executor to Lee Hackney Edwards, 2730 Brentwood Drive N-4B, $92,500; From Betty Elaine Williamson and Charles Dennis Williamson to Lawrence Lynn Mallol and Bobbi J. Mallol, 9360 Hogg Road, $33,000; From EH Lifestyle Holdings, LLC, Work Plan Experts, LLC and Modern Home Lifestyle to Arthur Lee Pigford, 1301 Gold Street N, $120,000; From Sarah Lee Coley to Kimberly Michelle Clark, quitclaim deed for 4304 Kent Road, no stamp; From Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB TR, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A and Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, attorney in fact to Myra Lamm, 5349 Akron Lane, $32,500; From John W. Mincey and Jamie Mincey to Mariah N. White, 3008 Brentwood Drive W. $149,000; From B. W. Sknner Construction, Inc. to Erica Lynn Crouse, 7822 Stone Castle Court, $214,000; From Carol V. Tedder, Elizabeth Lynn T. Boswell, executor Kenneth Ray Tedder Estate to Judy Tedder Narron, 7430 Little Rock Church Road, $11,500; From Nathaniel Poole and Alfreda Poole to Anthony Wayne Armstrong and Beverly Ernestine Armstrong, 3529 Whetstone Place, $245,000; From Harry Cahoon to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5016 Community Grocery Road, no stamp; From Garris Evans Lumber Company to D. R. Horton, Inc., 3902, 3904, 3906, 3907-3912 and 3914 Sabre Lane, $250,000; From Eugene T. Sharpe and Bessie C. Sharpe to William M. Fuentes and Emicela Rivas, 1013 Nash Street, $7,000; From William R. Davis, Jeanette Farmer Davis and James R. Farmer to Ramone R. Lucas, 1100-1101 South Goldsboro Street, no stamp; From L & P, LLC to Winnie Realty Group, LLC , 315 Nast Street E, $140,000; From Erica A. Vause and Bonnie W. Vause to Nathaniel Poole and Alfreda Poole, 3402 Old Farm Place, $302,000; From James Anthony Vasteno Jr. and Lisa Carole Capps to Tobias Maceda Roque, 4101 Apache Road, $28,000.