Wilson County deed transfers for Feb. 19-23

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The following deed transfers for the week of February 19-23, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Eugene Coles and Denise A. Coles to Hobbie L. Hinnant and Velma Hinnant, 8865 Sullivan Road-A, no stamp;

From Mary Webb Meeks to Melody Meeks Flannery, 6226 Holdens Cross Road, no stamp;

From Beulah Mae Locus to David Locus, 5223 Radford Road-A, no stamp;

From Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-8, asset-backed certificates, series 2006-8 and Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., attorney in fact to James E. Etheridge Jr., 210 Thurston Drive, $38,000;

From Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB Christiana Trust trustee, BCAT 2014-6TT, New Penn Financial, LLC, attorney in fact and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, attorney in fact to John E. Berlinski Jr., 718 Daniel Drive, Elm City, $39,000;

From Johnathan Elliott to Branden Williams and Joanna Williams, 1318 Dogwood Lane NW, $100,000;

From Lawrence Dewayne Daugherty and Rose Marie Daugherty to Adam Scharfe and Marleis Scharfe, 3510 Providence Lane, $53,000;

From Guy Wesley Vincent III and Kimberly Tinder Vincent to Brandon D. Gray and Brandi S. Gray, 2906 Brentwood Drive N, $180,000;

From Rebecca C. Long to Crystal P. Yancey and Gloria S. Yancey, 1405 Waverly Road NW, $269,000;

From Lisa T. Howard, executor Dorothy Miller Thompson Estate to 3704 Nealshire Trust, 3704 Nealshire Drive NW-4, $32,000;

From David Upchurch and Angela G. Upchurch to David R. Upchurch, Inc., 6603 Church Street, Saratoga, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Jania T. Hooks and Kareem A. Hooks, 2504 Chelsea Drive NW, $167,000;

From Robert C. Hunt and Nancy D. Hunt to Charles Henry Futrell and Judy P. Marshall, 823 Cardinal Drive NW, $210,000;

From Judy R. Marshall and Charles Henry Marshall to Midgeon F. Trader and Joshua S. Friedman, 823 Cardinal Drive NW, no stamp;

From Charles Henry Futrell and Judy P. Marshall to John Taylor Futrell, 823 Cardinal Drive NW, no stamp;

From B & A Investments, Inc. to Ermelinda Mejia and Octavio Abonza Carbajal, rural homesite on Jaycross Road, Black Creek, $14,500;

From David Stephen Odom to Flourishing Rental Property, LLC, 3717 Airport Boulevard and 3721 Airport Boulevard, $190,000;

From Evelyn Joyce Owens, Vickie Lynn McNeill, administrator, Sam McNeill Jr., James Thomas Owens estate and James Thomas Owens Jr. to Misael Rodriguez, 5923 W. Baker Road, $9,500;

From Randy Brewer and Lori Brewer to Randy V. Brewer, trustee, Lori A. Brewer, trustee The Randy and Lori Brewer living trust, 5108 Carole Drive, Black Creek, no stamp;

From Deborah Webb Lewis, James Tart Lewis, Lynn Webb Moore, Andy Stephen Moore, Wanda Webb Kennedy and Timothy Lee Kennedy to Doris Langley Webb and Thelma Doris Webb, 6518 Webb Lake Road, no stamp;

From David William Laws and Betsy Clark Travis to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 8658 Buckhorn Plantation Road, $25,000;

From Medhat F. Sidaros and Gehan G. Sidaros to Dennis H. Williamson and Patsy B. Williamson, 4806 Pinnacle Court N, $98,000;

From William Matthew Critzer and Donna J. Critzer to Fernando O. Ceja, 8331 Bunn Road, $88,000;

From William Herbert Charlton and Gloria Jean Campbell Charlton to Jamareo Artis, 1304 Canal Drive NW, $335,000;

From Dean L. Jones to Kristin A. Jones, 4513 Lennox Road, no stamp;

From Roger Lamothe, Florence E. MacInnis, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to T.G.W. of Wilson LLC, trustee deed for 3001 W. Nash Street, $92,000;

From Henry M. Garcia and Jolene J. Garcia to Charles Michael Jones, 307 Broad Street W, $72,000;

From Candace B. Holliday to Sargent Properties, LLC, 219 Barnes Street S, $39,000;

From William T. Davis, Renee M. Davis, Amanda D. McKendrick and Brian McKendrick to Department of Transportation, 6231 Eatmon Road, $1,000;

From Jimmie Hathaway to Tidewater Land & Timber, LLC, timber deed for 6926 Glover Road, $32,000;

From Wind River Tobacco Company, LLC to Hill Building Contractors, Inc., quitclaim deed for 4758 Potato House Court and rural homesite on Potato House Court, no stamp;

From Paul A. Lucas to Brenda Lucas Dawes, 3817 Bridgers Street, no stamp;

From Herbert Vanzell Woodard and NCFC Services LLC, substitute trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, trustee deed for 3709 Columbia Avenue NW, $123,500;

From H & H Realty Construction, L.L.C. and NCFC Services LLC, substitute trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, trustee deed for 813 Dunbar Street SE, $76,500;

From H & H Realty Construction, L.L.C. and NCFC Services LLC, substitute trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, trustee deed for 1700 Singletary Street SE, $105,000;

From Elizabeth Ojeda, Jason Ojeda and Elizabeth Louise Bass to Sharon Taylor Newsome, 4805 Mallard Lane, $132,000;

From B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc. to Kenni Nicole Hilburn, 3019 Slate Court SW, $133,000;

From H. Vance Denton, trustee and Raymond E. Denton Sr. to Jonathan Mark Denton, quitclaim deed Old Fields Township, no stamp;

From Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Pastor Hernandez Perez, 309 Herring Avenue, $24,000;

From Meredith Dawn Sauls and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC substitute trustee to Braxton Britt Rentals, LLC, foreclosure deed for 701 Fleming Street, $32,000.