Debate missing from caustic critiques

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While sitting at home during inclement weather, I repelled cabin fever by reading books and interesting information on social media. I do not read comments to letters to the editor and the comments to the opinions our citizens write. I read the letters to the editor for the months of November and December. I then read the comments regarding these letters.

I must admit that I was somewhat surprised and appalled at the small number of commentators and the one subject which occupied their comments, acquisitions and argumentation. There is a small group of people on social media accusing each other of hate.

I learned that the local political debate is nonexistent. But there is a cultural debate on hate and who is the biggest hater. As I read, I realized that these commentators did not have any regards for any view that differed from their own. They claimed to support free speech and immediately remark that the opposite view should be banned from the website.

In the midst of that debate, Michael Wolff published a scathing book on many of the personal negative attributes of President Trump and his family. Very little of this information dealt with the president’s policies and his proposals for governing the nation. It seems to me that the president let a fox in the henhouse but the fox was clad in sheep’s’ clothes.

I had to empathize with the president because we do not allow or want anyone to expose to the public our family habits, inept organizational arrangements, our arguments or disagreements or any of our family shortcomings. Thus, I will not judge or critique President Trump on the contents of the “Fire and Fury.”

George Leach is a Wilson resident and former teacher with a keen interest in local, state and national politics who serves as political action chairman of the NAACP’s Wilson branch.