Customers praise Greenlight, pan ruling

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Comments from The Wilson Times’ Facebook page on a federal court ruling upholding a North Carolina law that blocks the city of Wilson from extending its Greenlight broadband internet service to the Edgecombe County town of Pinetops:

This is sad, because Greenlight’s service has been stellar, rock-solid, reliable; miles beyond what I ever got from Time Warner Cable. There needs to be more competition in public utilities and services rather than less. Competition breeds innovation, whereas regulation causes stagnation.

Jonathan Reese

Well, that sucks, Greenlight is the best internet and cable provider Wilson has. Customer service is great, their prices are great and the product is great. I’d recommend Greenlight to anyone, especially anyone with Time Warner.

Trevor Wood

We love Greenlight! Customer service is amazing. It’s a shame they can’t let others have what we all love!

Dawn R. Smith

Maybe they will bring it to the county now. Worry about your own before moving out.

Dwayne Pierce

Maybe I should send my cellphone bill to these idiot judges and let them pay the ridiculous data charges for those of us who have no option for internet service.

Leah Pitt Phillips

To heckle with what the courts want, to heck with what the big corporations want. How about what the PEOPLE want?

Shane Poythress

This is stupid government overreach. TWC is fighting for its life. TWC sucks. We need competition. We also need Greenlight out on Weaver Road. There are probably 200 homes in Palomino Park subdivision itself that Greenlight could pick up. I have spoken with the neighborhood out here and a lot are interested in Greenlight.

Jim J. Richardson