Cultural Marxists erode Western values

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Re: “The demise of a political party,” by Julia Yancey, Tuesday:

In a recent letter, Ms. Yancey declared that the Democratic Party may be sowing the seeds of its own destruction. She cites several examples demonstrating the party’s stances that go against the grain of traditional American ideals. It might be added that the Democrats are the party of cultural Marxism and thereby are advocating for a fundamental transformation of America as it has existed for more than two centuries.

Traditional Marxism, as its proponents understood, intended to subvert the West through economic means and armed revolution. When the Marxists were unable to induce American workers to rise up and throw off the shackles of their imperialist overlords, the America-haters resorted to cultural Marxism and began the great hollowing out of the moral and legal foundation of the U.S. and the West in general.

Members of the Frankfurt School, a group of Marxist professors who emigrated to the US pre-WWII, were leading lights in this movement. They attained important positions in academia, especially schools of education, from where they were able to influence generations of teachers and school administrators. Revisionist history was promulgated by them where the U.S. was not a force for good but rather a sinister and malevolent presence on the world stage. The U.S. was painted as an especially sinister participant in slavery where, in reality, the U.S. and England together led the fight to end the Peculiar Institution. Slavery only existed for about 80 years in the U.S. until a war that cost 600,000 lives was fought in order to end it. England, due to its Christian and Western values, led a decades-long fight to stamp slavery out. Now the only places it still exists is in the Islamic world.

Ridiculing Christian values and limiting the scope of Christianity in the public sphere is also a cultural Marxist tactic that has eroded our public discourse and undermined traditional morals and mores. Imposition of the welfare state that removes individual initiative and makes citizens vassals of the state is another nail in the coffin of the West. Many other examples of cultural Marxism, the political correctness movement and others, are influencing our society where their pernicious effects can be detected in the erosion of personal responsibility and insanity like debating whether a newborn should be allowed to die as if we were Eskimos or primitive tribesmen disposing of burdensome clan members.

Americans who still believe in the inherent goodness of the West, in general, and the U.S., in particular, need to become as militant as those who would extirpate traditional Western values in defense of those traditions. We can do so by speaking up and defending those values through the promotion of legislation that reflects and strengthens what we hold to be important; protection of the unborn, respect for borders and national sovereignty and a return to traditional Christian values.

Tom Haitema