Criminal justice system needs tougher penalties

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Our country has changed from a cigarette-smoking, fist-fighting, law-abiding, hardworking, God-loving and safe country to a baby-killing, drug-using, pot-smoking, lazy, gimme, hate-filled, anti-Christian, murdering and lawless, dangerous one.

We have gone from severe crime punishment to a slap-your-hand punishment. Our law enforcement officers put their lives in danger every day arresting the criminals to keep us safe. Many of these men and women lose their lives in doing just that. Our laws permit releasing all criminals by posting bonds, often before the officers can complete the arrest paperwork! Even some who are arrested for murder are released. Some cities and states have created sanctuaries for these criminals along with those entering our country illegally. Yes, we sit back and blame corrupt politicians for this mess, but you and I are responsible. We elected all the corruption, watched them become millionaires while wondering how this is possible on a government salary. Because we stick our heads in sand as laws are passed to benefit one political action committee or another that results in financial gain.

We have watched the death penalty wither away until it is almost completely gone. The hard labor punishment in prisons has been replaced with cable TV, basketball courts and smuggled drugs. Our judges dole out weak sentences for crimes of rape, child sexual abuse, murder, etc. Maybe there is outrage, but the light punishment continues.

Our laws sometimes restrict out judges in properly punishing criminals, but we do nothing. Our so-called justice system is filled with appeals that benefit only the criminal while punishing the victims and their families. These appeals delay punishments for years or decades, sometimes while the criminal walks free on on bail. Our tax dollars pay for these legal shenanigans while justice is delayed, but we do nothing. There are no deterrents for any crime, just free food, free housing, free clothes, free medical care and no work!

It is time for you to decide, “What do I want, for my family, children, grandchildren and me?”

Prisons must be a place no one wants. Rehabilitations have failed and must be replaced with strong deterrents.

Should we not have an independent citizens group overseeing Congress? We do! Yes, that is your job and my job, but we have stood, watched and failed miserably. Now we must act.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City