Conservatives must forcefully reject ‘deplorable racists’

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Re: “Not all statue supporters were racists,” by Bill O’Boyle, Friday:

Happy I didn’t offend you. I’ll attempt to follow through in the same spirit.

1. Agreed. We don’t live life in sweeping generalizations. We live it in small bits and locales.

2. Not all conservatives are skinheads or neo-Nazis. Agreed. But, I can find no justification for anyone to stand behind these “deplorable racists” — to use your words — and march alongside them in Charlottesville or anywhere else.

Remember the quote about “all that’s required for evil to conquer is for the good men to do nothing”? Still true today.

Why do good men — men who don’t ascribe to the violent nature of the skinheads, neo-Nazis, Klansmen and white supremacists — choose to walk alongside and not condemn them openly?

This is a question that has been on my mind much of late. I think it may well be that they fear that if they don’t make the same hate-filled sounds as the more militant members of the right-wing fringe, they may come under suspicion of being sympathetic to the cause of a more accommodating and progressive America.

Perhaps they fear being ostracized from their social circle. But if we are to avoid seeing America torn apart, it will require men of goodwill to join forces in standing up to the “lesser angels of our nature.”

Perhaps if you used “Deplorable racist” more in everyday discussions, you’d find others who believe the same but lack the personal integrity or intestinal fortitude to say so for the same fears of becoming an outcast.

This repressive, excluding nature hurts our souls. It hurts our ability as a community to walk taller in the sunlight of brotherly love. This independent feeling needs independent representation. The politicians of the left and the right need division to gain their personal status and influence and wealth by the corrupt nature of their dealings.

We deserve and need better people governing our city, our state and our nation than has been there before. Define terms. Conservatives may not be Nazis. Liberals are not Communists. Social Democrats are neither socialists or Democrats nor Communists.

Dave Hager