Commissioners consider nonprofit funding requests

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County commissioners’ nonprofit subcommittee met Tuesday to discuss funding for outside agencies and nonprofits as a part of this year’s budgeting process.

More than 20 nonprofit agencies requested a combined total of roughly $795,000 from the county for the upcoming fiscal year.

In addition to funding nonprofits, the county also funds outside agencies including Wilson Economic Development, the Upper Coastal Plains Council of Government, Eastpointe and Wilson Parks and Recreation. Those requests came in at roughly $950,000. Outside agencies and nonprofits requested roughly $1.7 million combined. County Manager Denise Stinagle has recommended a total of roughly $1.4 million for the 2018-19 budget.


Commissioners Chairman Rob Boyette and Vice Chairman Leslie Atkinson, who are a part of the subcommittee, made a few minor changes to the recommended funding allocations. Commissioner Roger Lucas is also a part of the committee but was absent Tuesday. While those changes aren’t solidified, they will be presented to the full Board of Commissioners, where funding allocations could change.

Minor changes the committee discussed included a $5,000 increase to the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Wilson. This year, the agency requested $175,000. Stinagle recommended $55,000 in her budget, which is roughly consistent with previous year allotments. Atkinson said he would like to see that $5,000 increase because the OIC places “so many people on jobs,” he said.

Other adjustments included Hope Station, which requested $21,250, with the county manager allotment at $6,250, the same as last year.


Each year, nonprofits submit an application to the county, detailing who they are, why funds are needed, financial documents and an explanation on what those agencies would do with county dollars.

Two years ago, commissioners moved toward a more transparent approach that requires accountability for taxpayer dollars. Now, nonprofits that receive county dollars submit documentation quarterly on how those tax dollars were spent as well as how the expenditures affected outcomes for the community.


This year’s outside agency funding includes the city of Wilson’s Innovation Hub at $167,235, which is the existing debt on the property at 121 Nash St. W. The county will be transferring the ownership of the building to the city of Wilson, which will operate the Innovation Hub. The city has already secured a $1.1 million grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation and will contribute $1.6 million to renovate the first two floors.

Commissioners spent Monday evening asking questions and going over the manager’s recommended budget for each department. A public hearing will be held before the budget is finalized. That hearing is slated for 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 5 at the Wilson County Agricultural Center, 1806 Goldsboro St. SW.

Nonprofit requests and manger recommendations for 2018-19

• Arts Council of Wilson requested $52,500; county manager recommends $32,500

• N.C. Love in Action Medical Fund requested $5,000; county manager recommends $5,000

• Arts Council Capital requested $70,000; county manager recommends $35,000

• Diversified Opportunities requested $29,250; county manager recommends $29,250

• Flynn Christian Home requested $5,000; county manager recommends $3,750

• Imagination Station Science Museum requested $60,000; county manager recommends $48,000

• Meals on Wheels requested $10,000; county manager recommends $8,000

• Freeman Roundhouse requested $7,0000, county manager recommends $5,000

• St. John Community Development Corp. requested $40,000; county manager recommends $30,000

• St. John Community Development Corp. Renaissance Project requested $50,000; county manager recommends $25,000

• Tobacco Farm Life Museum in Kenly requested $5,000; county manager recommends $3,000

• The Wesley Shelter requested $32,171; county manager recommends $32,171

• Veterans Residential Services of Wilson requested $30,000; county manager recommends $17,000

• Wilson 20/20 Community Vision requested $36,000; county manager recommends $36,000

• Wilson Community Improvement Association requested $50,000; county manager recommends $31,250

• Wilson County Substance Prevention Coalition requested $25,000; county manager recommends $25,000

• Wilson County Youth Athletic Association requested $78,570; county manager recommends $78,570