Columnist’s anti-Trump diatribes repetitive, tiresome

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Re: “GOP becomes Trump’s apple-polishers,” by George Leach, Dec. 27:

Mr. Leach in his latest ranting feels the GOP has become President Trump’s apple-polishers. Not quite sure what exactly that means, but it gives him another opportunity to spew his hate and discontent for President Trump.

Why do you hate so much? As a kid, did the big guys on the basketball court constantly take the ball away from you? Your weekly diatribe seems to have only two directions — your hatred for President Trump and that all Caucasians are racist. I can’t remember reading any different subject matter. I certainly can’t remember you providing any positive solutions or even good ideas. Did you teach this same hatred to your students?

George, President Trump is our president for the next three years and hopefully for seven years regardless of your weekly babble. So, get used to it and move on. If you’re a true American, try a positive approach and if you’re unhappy with something, make a suggestion for a means to improve it. Even the bad guys (jokingly) the Democrats get tired of reading your drivel because of your negativity with nary a scintilla of truth.

You say the president has trench-mouth and I agree he should tone down his tweets, but he knows how to gets things done. Our last president was an eloquent speaker who accomplished little. I’ve always wondered how he, as a citizen, got a free ride through college on a foreign student exemption, but I won’t dwell on it because you probably know the answer.

You mentioned distribution of wealth across our nation. What makes you believe that someone who works hard and amasses wealth should give up that wealth to a bunch of bummers who want to sit on their butts and take but not give? The great Obama got us to a position where 50 percent of our population is on welfare.

I’m totally for taking care of the poor and the needy, but not the lazy looking for a free ride. Let’s bring back the civilian conservation corps who built the Blue Ridge Parkway and numerous other projects.

Merry Christmas, George. I’m hoping you got a lip zipper in your stocking with instructions on the proper insertion.

Arthur B. Tozzi