Columnist wrong on tax cuts, Trump's record

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Recently our good friend Mr. Leach said his columns were his opinions and as such can be void of data, recognized sources or anything that can prove this or that. Hiding behind the First Amendment, Mr. Leach by his own admission has decided it's OK to author misinformation, hateful rhetoric or downright lies. 

Example: He wants you to believe the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act benefits only the rich and neglects the poor and middle class. A little research on his part would show a different story. 

The Tax Foundation website has published a chart showing eight scenarios from all income levels, and - guess what, Mr. Leach? - everyone gets a tax break. The foundation says " results indicate a reduction for every scenario, with the largest changes in after- tax income for moderate income families with children." 

We have already seen the effects of the tax bill with a number of companies paying out bonuses to employees and increasing their minimum wage to $15. In North Carolina, we are seeing increased activity, due in most part to lower state and federal corporate tax rates. New tire plant, Amazon, Firestone expansion and on and on, creating hundreds of new high-paying jobs.

Mr. Leach says Trump and the Republicans are trying to discredit Mueller and the FBI. We all have learned that the FBI investigations into Clinton emails was biased, the so-called Trump dossier was paid for by the Democrats and Clinton PAC. Sorry, but Mueller and the top officials of the FBI have brought discredit upon themselves.

After all the time and money so far, no proof of collusion with two indictments - neither of them related to collusion. 

The Washington Examiner just published 81 major Trump achievements, including boosting energy dominance, protecting the homeland, accountability, promoting peace through strength, restoring respect for America, jobs and the economy, fair trade, helping veterans. 

You can see how dangerous it is to write in generalities with false information and misleading statements. Mr. Leach and his liberal friends peddle misinformation hiding behind free speech hoping that most people will not find and read the facts. 

Just how low will you go, Mr. Leach?

William E. Biddle