Columnist should offer solutions, not just Trump gripes

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Re: “Leadership principles: Republicans and Democrats,” by George Leach, Jan. 3:

You discussed President Trump allowing us to say Merry Christmas. What leadership principle was that? Then you discuss President Trump’s political future. What leadership principle? Then you get into the race-baiting and the knee-jerk Kaepernick. What leadership principle did you discuss?

It goes on and on ad nauseam. George, did you study writing in school? If you put down a subject, write to it. After reading this drivel it’s obvious your subject is “I hate Trump” and then as usual, you throw in the race bit.

Once you have your subject, an authentic writer attempts to adequately define the subject and the writer’s position. Not George. You cherry-pick.

You mention knee-jerk Kaepernick and then right away you’re onto African-American lives taken much too often by the police. You make no mention of the enormous number of black lives being taken by blacks in the cities like Baltimore, Chicago, New York, etc. You make no mention of the disproportionate number of black children today being raised with little or no adult supervision and no father figure available.

You never seem to have any suggestions for solutions. You just want to complain. I have suggestions.

Why don’t parents/schools teach children that when a police officer says stop, he means it? When a police officer tells you to do something, do it. Getting in a fight with a policeman is a losing battle. If you respect a police officer he’ll respect you.  I hear this all the time, “he disrespected me.” Remember, you must earn respect before you can be disrespected.

What positive results have come from Antifa riots, burning businesses and looting stores — especially when the stores were in the black community?

How about Black Lives Matter — what’s wrong with All Lives Matter?

Nobody takes issue with your “for God and Country” paragraph, but George, as Bill Biddle pointed out, try to be honest and include some facts in your writing.  I agree sometimes Mr. Trump tweets too much, but he sure is getting a lot accomplished. I can hear those extra coins jingling in your pocket.

Arthur B. Tozzi