Columnist, protesters should turn focus to urban violence

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Re: “The right to redress of grievances,” by George Leach, Sept. 27:

Mr. Leach, there is drivel and there is drivel, but you take drivel to the extreme. Come out of the closet and admit that you hate President Trump and you are a racist. Additionally, after reading your column, it appears you may be a prevaricator of the truth.

Your most preposterous statement: “Most professional athletes are protesting the abuses and denials of African-Americans including the killing of their sons and daughters at the hands of the state.”

If you had one iota of integrity, you’d take a look at some of the statistics on black deaths. Check the big cities, who’s killing who? The kneelers and crawlers of professional sports ought to take a look at the numbers but no, you wouldn’t want to admit that blacks are killing blacks.

Get your facts straight. You mentioned your brother was drafted into the Marine Corps and fought in Vietnam and marched from Saigon to the DMZ to free the Khe Sahn military base. God bless him for his service.

However, the distance from Saigon to the DMZ is approximately 389 miles. We Marines are hardy individuals, but we have never marched 389 miles when we had aircraft available to fly us that distance.

Secondly, Khe Sahn was never taken over by the opposition.

Dennis Mannion, a member of the Khe Sahn Veterans Association, recently wrote to the Times and pointed out your error. Khe Sahn was never overrun. The bad guys never got through the wires.

As he said, your words were an affront to all who fought and died defending the base. But you wouldn’t care, you weren’t there. By the way, George, where were you while your brother was honorably serving in the Marines in Vietnam?

It might be time for you to wrap up your column writing and take a vacation.

If you can’t be truthful in your writing, who wants to read more snowflake, racist drivel?

While you ask what Trump has done for America, what has George Leach done for America?

God bless America.

Arthur B. Tozzi