Clintons, Obamas set the standard for greed

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Re: “Do we really value Thanksgiving’s message?” by Dave Hager, Nov. 23:

Mr. Hager’s acknowledgement of wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons, Obamas and other high-ranking members of the Democratic Party comes just at the right time, when we are all giving thanks for our blessings.

Of course, Mr. Hager did not phrase his recognition in exactly those terms, but vague references as to the fact that, “life has become a competition to see who can acquire the most and hoard it for themselves” can be construed any way one wishes.

I, and others of my ilk, see it as clearly pointing to the Clintons who collected millions for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and of which a minuscule percentage was spent on relief efforts. However, Mrs.Clinton’s family profited greatly with mining deals in Haiti.

Or we could look at the Obamas, who spent eight years vilifying the other side of the aisle or claiming that the U.S. is racist although Mr. Obama was elected twice. Mr. Obama simultaneously ran the Democratic Party into the ground both electorally and financially but came out smelling like a rose with regards to his family’s personal finances.

In reference to “Education of the young is only for the rich,” the writer might be aware of the presence of free public education for all the nation’s young the quality of which depends on the individual local educational units. Also, the presence of Democrat-controlled teachers unions almost guarantees that education will be low quality and substandard, condemning mostly minorities to educational purgatory in urban settings.

“Health care, likewise, is jealously guarded.” Again, thanks to the machinations of Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress at the time it was passed, Obamacare became a plague on health care that it is today. Here blame can be spread as the pusillanimous Republicans refuse to return health care to the semi-free-market state it was before the Affordable Care Act was inflicted on us.

All in all, I applaud Mr. Hager’s efforts to direct our attention to the depredations of both the Clintons and Obamas and only hope others are just as perceptive.

Tom Haitema