Class shows what’s right with Wilson schools

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Following the Times’ exposé on the Wilson County school system, I wanted to make note of one day within the system that makes a clear illustration that great education can be had in our schools.

Retired now, with a few more hours on my hands, I signed up to substitute in the system in October of 2017.

My story follows.

On Friday, Jan. 11 at Gardners Elementary School, I accepted a one-day assignment at the fifth-grade level. In particular, Ms Michelle Bushby’s fifth-grade class. Made up of 21 youngsters — all were present on this day.

Let me name these wonderful children: David, Jacob, Sa’Naiya, Kengi, Calob, Rebekah, Noelia, Felipe, Madison, Kelsey, Brandon, Christopher, Shakira, Winston, Cristian, Arturo, Gloria, Jaden, Patrick, Sofia and Lluvia.

These 21 young people gave me the best day I have ever had as a substitute teacher. I have had many good ones, too.

These youngsters came in silently, focused on what Ms Bushby had clearly laid out for them to do the day before. I had a class full of young people who could, and did, help me stay on task.

Ms. Bushby had left the most organized instructions that I had ever had. I thought, “This is one very organized teacher!”

As I looked around the room, I saw the most wonderful learning environment I could recall seeing in any fifth-grade class I’d subbed for.

Wow, this is a really good teacher.

A bit about the students. If you read this and you are the parent or guardian of one of these children, let me say you are doing a wonderful job as their parents. I heard, “May I?” “Please,” and “You’re welcome” and saw raised hands to get permission to speak or get something in the room. Behavior was exemplary.

Parents, if you have one of these children in Ms. Bushby’s class, you have hit the jackpot.

She is as good as it gets.

I would send my children to Gardners Elementary School any day if they could have Michelle Bushby as their teacher.

To the leaders of Wilson County Schools, I say this. If you care to see a fifth-grade class that would stack up against any fifth-grade in the state of North Carolina, not just Wilson, please arrange a visit to this class.

One more thing.

As I was leaving that day, I learned Ms. Bushby is a first year teacher. I’m still not sure I believe that. Don’t let this wonderful teacher leave our system.

Mike Radford