Daily Devotional

Christ’s table

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The psalmist wrote, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

— Psalm 23:5 (NIV)

Who of us is willing to invite total strangers to a meal? Usually, we surround ourselves with friends — people who see the world like we do. Yet Psalm 23:5 puts us in the uncomfortable position of table fellowship with our enemies.

Today’s quoted verse reminds us that it’s not our party. Christ is our host; he decides who gets a seat at his table. Christ invites people who don’t look like us, sound like us, or even believe exactly the way we do. Seated around Christ’s table are the poor and the rich, people of every political persuasion, men and women of different skin colors and different languages.

So, Christ has offered us this seat at a table filled with both friends and foes. Each of us must decide either to hold on to animosity, or, out of love for our Host, to seek reconciliation with the guests we wouldn’t have invited! As we share the meal, we learn to love those whom Christ loves.

This World Communion Sunday, may we learn to live in peace with all God’s people as we celebrate the mystery of Christ’s presence with us at the table.

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