Cheers to spending the Fourth of July with your family

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Cheers to enjoying time with family and friends celebrating Independence Day earlier this week. While I worked earlier in the day, I was able to spend some time eating hot dogs with my boyfriend and my dog that evening. We opted to stay home and avoid the large crowd and loud noises at the fireworks, but we still enjoyed the time together.

For those of you who have not seen the new dance competition, Cheers to World of Dance. The show features dancers from around the world battling to be named the best in the world. Les Twins are the duo to beat right now and they are amazing. Don’t believe me? Look them up and hold on to your mind, because they will blow it. Another favorite is the dance crew who has been around for the last decade, Jabbawockez. Their signature tutting and face masks create an insane performance every time. I have caught up with the show on Hulu, and I was instantly hooked. You’re welcome.

Cheers to the fact that Disney is suddenly everywhere. Yes, I am 25 years old. Yes, I am an adult. Yes, I still think I should be able to wear Minnie Mouse patterns if I choose to. So Lularoe recently released items like legging, shirts and dresses in prints featuring Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey. For those of you shaking your head in disapproval, I am OK with the fact that those clothes may make me look like a giant toddler. I am comfy and confident. But Lularoe isn’t the only brand jumping on the Disney train. Havaianas flip-flops also recently released Disney character sandals. Feet of all sizes can now light up with Minnie’s bow, Donald Duck’s grin or one of the princesses’ crowns. Again I realize I am grown and again I acknowledge that I do not care.

Jeers to the crappy forecast that awaits us for the remainder of this week. There are rain clouds in our future it would appear and while I love the calming rain, I am sure that those who opted the spend their July 4 week at the coast will be spending their day at the aquarium instead of on the sandy shore like they had planned.